Palisades Appaloosas​

2021 Foaling Calendar

Strictly Ballroom (Tango)  X  Mighty Bright Reward    March 10th

Chips Dusty Sue (Velvet)  X  Mighty Bright Reward    March 21st

Earthlight Cowgirl (Mauzi)  X  Nuggets Super Shado    March 26th

KK the Dream Begins (Peach)  X  Nuggets Super Shado   March 29

WF Stella Dallas (Cleo)  X  Mighty Bright Reward      May l2th

Hadar Dream (Sage)  X  Dreamin Dun  ( not in

Fashion Dreamer  X  Mighty Bright Reward     June 22nd

Roselyns Smores  X  Dreamin Dun        July 2nd

Lucky Lady Friday (Peru) X Max (Remaarkable Panda)   August 2nd 

*Im Flirtatious will be foaling in GA, at her new home

*Skips Jazzy Blue will be starting over in just a few months