Cookie is a 2009 Dun AQHA mare.  She is l5.2 hands high, and has the primitive dorsal stripe and zebra striped legs of the dun horse.   She is an athletic mare with beautiful movement. Cookie is six panel n/n .   Cookie came to us from TX early in 2021. At her home of 12 years, she was loved, ridden and shown.   Her owner was no longer able to ride her regularly, so she found her a new home and job here with us in Kentucky. Cookie delivered a colorful dark bay filly with a stout build and a calm gentle nature.   We will be breeding her again this spring 2023 for a February 2024 foal. 

Adrift in the Galaxy,, Galaxy's color was evolving.. she was nearly black by the time she went to her new home, and gaining spots and more white areas. It will be fun to see how she grows and changes!
Adrift in the Galaxy,
 long yearling
photo by Blakleys captures