Max was sired by Twilight Remaarkable out of a visiting mare, Malandrino's Star.  He is 90% Appaloosa in his first 4 generations.  I don't do many outside breedings because of lack of space and time for a visiting mare, but Malley is exceptionally agreeable to breed.  She can stay in a pasture all by herself and is a willing partner to all of my stallions she has been bred to.   I decided to buy her colt from her owner, thinking i would resell the next year.  But the next year rolled around and i saw him as a good prospect for my Zeke daughters who could not be bred to their brother , Mighty Bright Reward.   Before he was even two,  Max sired Peru's 2021 colt, Dash.    I covered her only once, so i believe they both proved to be productive individuals!   Dash is a calm and handsome colt.. and there are three more foals by max in 2022 pictured below.  Max is black based and carries PATN1, leopard pattern.  He is 6 panel nn as well. Max had five foals in 2023 and 6 planned for 2024.   His pictures span from birth thru yearling and year four.   He is l5.3 hands at four years old and far from done growing and filling out. 
Dash,  Max's first colt out of Peru!
PA Remaarkable Image, Reno  Hadar Dream X Max 2022
Precious Pearl,  Earthlight Cowgirl X Max 2022
Shawnee Fireshadow, Shiloh    KK the Dream Begins X Max 2022
WK  Remaarkable Panda,  
Max Age Four