Lucky Lady Friday.....Peru!
  Peru was born March l0th, 2017 here on our farm.  She was beautifully colored, but all four pasterns were almost on the ground.  Loose tendons are not unusual in a newborn, but this was extreme.   I hoped it would correct in time with a good balance of rest and exercise.  She was full of energy and wanted to run in spite of her weird legs!  The tendons did improve quite a bit in a couple of months 
 She had an easy personality and I enjoyed a lot of hands on time with her. At four months she suddenly developed an infection in her hind left hock.  There had been no injury or break in the skin, so this was considered sepsis that had probably begun at birth.  After a week in the hospital with her mom, Peru came home with a good attitude and good prognosis and was pastured alone for a month of recovery.   JUST as her left hind was back to normal,  she jumped a fence and totally degloved her right hind lower leg!!  This injury i cared for myself with l20 days of wrapping and care.  The skin and hair came back, the leg healed, and Peru is mine now .. i've earned her!   We were not done yet... at two years old,  Peru came down with severe diarrhea.. probably Salmonella.. that almost killed her in three weeks.  But miraculously.. with much treatment, it began to abate just when i had about given up. 
 A year later and a hundred pounds heavier, Peru asked me if I would ride her.. and so I did.   We had a wonderful six months of starting under saddle together.  I had hand bred her one time in late August, and was not sure if she was in foal or not.  Around February I was sure.  Just the way she carried herself and her belly had changed.   Peru delivered her first foal without any difficulty and her colt lives near by in KY,  with three other appaloosas born on our farm!
Peru and i enjoyed another 8 months of riding and her next foal is due late March, 2023.
Peru's first foal sired by Max, born in 2021, Dash!