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Mitch and Lisa Estridge
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road
Lancaster, Kentuck 40444

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Pictures of "Lane Bar" by the Estridge Family and
younger shots by Pam Merrit of Sugarland Appaloosas
Lanes Mighty Prince, "monty"
2002 Stallion

"Hadar Prince" 2003 colt by
Nuggets Super Shado
2004 Few Spot Leopard Colt
by 'Nuggets Super Shado'
2005 Few Spot Leopard filly
by 'Nuggets Super Shado'
'Toby',  2006 Black Leopard Stud colt
Calendar winner , APHC 2007 April photo
ClaneLane Bar, age l4 in foal with Monty
lane bar, age 20
Blessed Rain
2007 black leopard colt by Nuggets Super Shado
Lane Bar was our senior mare, and was 25 this year in 2011.  She was black based, full bodied and well muscled at 15 hh. Her bloodlines returned to Mighty Tim, Sundance, Spotted Jim, Patchy and Mansfield Comanche. She was 83%  FPD.  Lane Bar came to us in foal at age 14 from Alabama and gave us many fine foals, all in black or bay and white.  She has produced two fillies for us, and the rest have been colts.  She was a great mom and a great producer. 
Lucy in her NC home, photo by maryanne
1986 - 2011
Black Leopard Appaloosa Mare

Treasured Dreams
2009 filly by Draemin Dun
Stardust Dreamin,  "Dusty"
2010 bay fewspot colt
by Dreamin Dun
lane bar, spring 2010, age 25
Lane Bar weaned her last colt, Dusty, on December lst, 2010.  By the middle of January  she began to show signs of illness and serious weight loss although she continued to eat well.  On February 23rd, the vet and I helped Lane Bar to her final rest.  She was severely anemic and has signs of liver failure as well.  I felt good about saving Lane bar from the painful end stages
of a serious illness.