To reserve a foal, I require 1/3 of his/her price.  This (33%) deposit is non refundable  if a customer simply changes their mind about buying a foal or if they default and do not pay for or pick up the foal
 at the required time.  
If the foal were to die or become seriously injured or ill prior to leaving the farm, all money paid would 
be refunded in full.  If you have any doubts about your choice, discuss them as early as possible in the purchase process.
I wean my foals at 4 months old. While the foal is handled daily from birth, I spend six weeks teaching the foal AFTER weaning, preparing them to leave the farm with as little trauma as possible.  We lead and load in our trailer and work on hoof handling and rasping and manners . I vaccinate them with two five way vaccines, deworm them, and get a Coggins and Health certificate for out of state travel.   They are ready to leave at about 5 l/2 months of age.  The balance of your payment is due at least two weeks prior to pick up if by check or in cash at the time of pick up, if you pick up the foal yourself.  I register the foals, and you will receive the APHC registration and transfer

  I have to be firm about pick up dates, because people tend to leave foals longer than agreed upon.   This becomes an expense and liability, so we agree upon a pick up date around 6 weeks after the foal is weaned.. at the time of purchase.   If a foal were to need to stay  longer because they developed a small problem, like a cold or a hoof abscess,  that would be at my expense, not the owner's.

Foals need to be transported in a safe trailer with no open upper doors or windows,  without dividers.. in a safe box stall or similar space.  They are not tied during transport, so no slant trailers unless dividers are removed. 
If the buyer does not pay for (at weaning) or pick up a foal (by 6 weeks past weaning) the foal will be returned to the "For Sale" status with no refund of initial deposit.