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Mitch and Lisa Estridge
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road
Lancaster, KY 40444
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Sadie and Sophie,  her dun 2008 filly
Sired by Nuggets Super Shado
'Mystic Moonmagic'
dun snowcap colt
photo by Robyn Glover
Grulla filly
Photo by Robyn GLover
Sadie came to us from Idaho as an experienced mother and riding 
mare.  She has produced many fine foals,all with the dun factor as 
an interesting addition to lovely heads and great conformation.  Sadie's color is unique, and we are hoping to borrow some for our future foals.  
Sadie's pedigree includes the ApHC race winner, Apache King S, and on her dam's side, returns to the Hall of Fame, Two Eyed Jack, twice.
We are so pleased to have Sadie as a part of our band of mares.
Mighty Fine Freckles "Rusty" on the cover of the APHC Journal, MAy 08,  photo by Lisa Estridge
Rusty 2 weeks old !  By Nuggets Super Shado
Rusty leading the fillies in fall 2008
  Rusty reside in California now
  Set Your Sights, "SADIE"
1992 - 2010
May 29th, 2010, Sadie presented us with one last gift. Silken Shado was born 8 hours before Sadied died of a ruptured uterine atery.  Her death was very sudden, and unexpected.   We raised silk on a bucket that summer and she thrived.
She is a beautiful filly, strong willed and spirited, as she had to be to survive.