Roselyn's Smores

Smores is a 2013 black bay leopard mare, originally from Wisconsin.  She joined us as a weanling at 6 months old.  You can scroll down to see her as she grew up here in our pastures from baby to broodmare. She is l5.2 hands tall, finally mature, and I think she has reached her full height. Smores gets along well as second youngest in the herd, and is a pretty mover. Her bloodlines return to Prince Plaudit three times, as well as the Executive, among other Hall of Fame APHC sires. She is 77% appaloosa blood in her first four generations.   Smores is n/n for HYPP and PSSM1.  She produced a fine black colt with a very agreeable disposition by Nuggets Super Shado in 2017.      She produced a gorgeous solid black filly with two genes for leopard pattern in 2019.  Smores is in foal to Remaarkable Panda (Max) for 2024
Smores as a long yearling, winter of 2014
Smores as a yearling, summer of 2014
Smores as a weanling, fall of 2013

Mitch and Lisa Estridge 
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road Lancaster, Kentucky 40444

Mighty Fine Prince , "Jackson"  Smores' 2017 solid black colt by Nuggets Super Shado!
Smores is six here, shortly after her second foal was born. 
Waps Night Sky, "Ruby"  2019 filly by 
Twilight Reemarkable 13 mo.
homozygous for Leopard pattern
"Eden"  2020  solid black appaloosa filly,  
  PATN1/PATN1  that is homozygous for leopard pattern
 by Nuggets Super Shado
FINALLY!  after three solid blacks..
 Smores and Zeke had a colorful filly, a black leopard name Kalisapel.  2021
Executive Reward, "Apollo"  2023 sired by Mighty Bright Reward