Taylor Brooke joined us as a long yearling, and we didn't have a clue as to her unique personality in those first few months.  She was a little standoffish and avoided us, but we gave her some time and space to grow up and she has blossomed.   TB, at six, is at your side, in your business and your space, and aware of every minute change on the farm.   Don't try to put anything over on her.. she will notice and arrive for inspection.   She is intelligent, and curious and very friendly.  TB is a black bay (seal brown)  and tests EE (homozygous) for the black gene.  She carries no red.  She is also negative for HYPP and PSSM1.  Teebee was bred again to Nuggets Super Shado for 2016. We had a crises when her foal died shortly before birth and was in a very difficult position to be delivered.  A midnight trip to the equine hospital and several day's stay saved her life.  Taylor Brooke had her 2018 colt easily at 2 in the afternoon! 
She is in foal to Mighty Bright Reward for March of 2019. 
Taylor Brooke presented us with a gorgeous first filly,  "Meadow Brooke", Sired by Nuggets Super Shado.

Toby, 2018 Solid bay colt by Nuggets Super Shado!