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Mitch and Lisa Estridge 
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road 
Lancaster, Kentucky 40444
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This page was last updated: May 1, 2019

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Palisades Appaloosas for Sale
A photo book for sale at Blurb!
Appaloosa Weanlings, yearlings and Mares for sale
Pearl totally enjoyed her first snow experience!!
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Please contact for more information
Please contact for more information
 x        t.Here's a video of what I  teach our foals before they leave the farm. 

APHC Weanlings for Sale!

Our mares are presenting us with the 2019 foal crop, and all of them will be offered for sale.     Please visit our 2019 foaling barn page to see them . 
 check out the 2019 foals arriving

Check out their albums on our Face Book page,  Palisades Appaloosas!
Twilight Reemarkable
Newly Gelded Stallion
started under saddle
$2000  SOLD!
APHC registered Appaloosa Mares for sale
   Each year I offer one mare for sale, either in foal or open to breed to your stallion.   I have not yet decided who I will offer for 2019, but please let me know if you are interested. 

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Markus is a uniquely patterned foundation appaloosa gelding . He was a breeding stallion for three seasons on our farm, and was gelded november of 2018. He is coming 5 in June. Markus is good natured, and i was hoping to make him a beautiful trail horse for myself. I worked with him on the ground at two and three years old, and started very light riding in our arena in December, 2018. Markus is naturally slow and lazy , but has curiosity about the world and moves along more willingly outdoors on our farm. He has seen nothing but his paddock for four years, so he will need much exposure to desensitize him to all the spooky things out there. I had only ridden him alone at a walk so far, and he was not reacting to mares across fences. Recently though, i pastured him with two geldings and a mare, and his stallion behavior returned. He is still interested in breeding the mares. We have l5 mares here , and he would need to be able to be ridden with mares on our farm. Thus i am reluctantly letting him go. Markus needs an all male home and someone to pick up where I left off and continue training him. I have not ridden him this last month since foaling here has begun and that takes all my time. Let me know your questions.. this is a project horse, not a broke riding horse. I added a casual video of markus and me in the arena. He had not been touched in a month. By himself, he is a gentle horse.

Twilight Reemarkable,  priced at $2000 firm     SOLD!