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 Welcome! We have 14 colorful Palisades Appaloosa mares due to foal in 2024  This year the foals are due in early February, March, April, May and a couple due in the fall.   They are sired by our two Stallions that you can find on our Stallion pages.  I will be working in the barn round the clock to attend each birth and to give each foal the proper time and attention that brings out the best in them. Spring and summer will be spent teaching them to be gentle and well mannered for their new owners. 

  Below I will post each mare as her time grows near and detail her development and delivery. The foals will be posted within a day or two of their birth. They can be reserved until weaning time with a 33% non refundable deposit. Click here to see our full Policy on foal sales.  

 I hope you enjoy the foaling season as much as I do. 
I love sharing this experience with my visitors, especially those not lucky enough to have horses of their own. Last year was a difficult one with many losses.  I am hopeful for a better foaling season in 2024.

Each of the mares' photos are linked to their personal page for photos and pedigrees and past foals.. just click!

We also have a facebook page, Palisades Appaloosas
Ds Drift Charge X Mighty Bright Reward
 Due January 29

February 11, 5:30 am  Cookie delivered a big bay filly with a blanket !  She was two weeks past her due date and strong and healthy.  Videos on our facebook page .. these photos are a day old. 

Jasmine will be offered for sale at $3200
Cookie's labor was a long one. On Friday night she spent most of the night pressing her hind quarters against walls, pacing and slashing her tail vertically. Her udder had enlarged to full.. so i was paying close attention all night long. Saturday night was quiet.. she slept and I slept watching her on camera. But Sunday night.. i arrived at 10 pm to find her circling the stall over and over rapidly. This went on until 3 am.. with me telling Siri to count down 30 minutes and wake me over and over to check the monitor. I was ready to leap in, but nothing happened. At 4 am she decided to take a break and nap. What? i thought we were having this baby two weeks late! Finally at 5 am she started to have some contractions.. pausing , raising tail.. glancing back at her side. At 5:20 she lay down and in 5 or 6 pushes the entire tall baby girl was delivered. At first she looked solid brown and wet.. but as she dried i see quite a big blanket that creeps up her spine. I will call her bay, but she could be bay dun.  

Earthlight Cowgirl (Mauzi) X Remaarkable Panda (Max)
Due March 12

Mauzi has earned her keep well with many colorful stocky built foals over the years. You can see them on her personal page in the mare index. This is her second max foal..    

February 20th .. i've seen a little udder change on Mauzi that makes me think we may be on time! 
Milliondollarbaby X Samson
         Due March 26

 I've seen a little change in Babe already February 21st.. so maybe we will have a foal on time.   Babe lost her foal in 2023 shortly after he was born.   I am hoping for a healthy baby this year!