Hartes Sizzler Jo
OK Little Richman, sire to Sizzling Hartman, 2010 palomino colt, "Rush" 
Jo came to us from Alberta, Canada, in November 2009. She was a seasoned broodmare in Shannon Harte's Appaloosa breeding program.  Jo is our oldest mare foaled in 1995. She is a l5 hand chestnut leopard with a gentle nature and strong maternal instinct. She is an alpha mare and a natural babysitter of other mares' foals. She often watches over our weanlings that may stay thru winter. Jo has given us ten exceptional foals and is now babysitting a son of Markus, a potential stallion.  Jo's bloodlines return to Mighty Bright twice, as well as Sugar Bars, Leo, and Top Deck.  Jo was good at her job, she foaled easily and was a caring mother.  She now has another role in the herd as grandmother.


Mitch and Lisa Estridge 
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road Lancaster, Kentucky 40444

 Sweet Sizzling Serena, 2012 filly by Zeke                    Mighty Jo Roman. 2013 colt by Im Bud
Sky Blue Magic , age two in Texas 
Sky Blue Magic just a few days old. 
Junebug, 2014 filly by Nuggets Super Shado
Mighty Bright Bandit, "Nick",  2015 colt by zeke             (and with his owner as a yearling!)
Heart of Charm, 2016 black filly by Zeke
Peru!  2017 fewspot filly by Zeke
Shalako Melody ,  "Deja"  by Twilight Reemarkable
                        2018 black fewspot filly
Shalako Twilight "Piper" 2019 fewspot filly by Twilight Reemarkable