2021 Foals Arriving!
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 Our Appaloosa mares are getting ready to present us with our 2021Appaloosa foal crop. There are 9 colorful mares due to foal. This year the foals are due in March through July.   The babies are sired by three different stallions.  I will be working round the clock to attend each birth and to give each foal the proper time and attention. Spring and summer will be spent teaching them to be gentle and well mannered for their new owners. 

  I will post each mare as her time grows near and detail her development and delivery. The foals will be posted within a day or two of their birth. They can be reserved until weaning time with a 33% non refundable deposit. Click here to see our full Policy on foal sales.  

 I hope you enjoy the foaling season as much as I do. 
I love sharing this experience with my visitors, especially those not lucky enough to have horses of their own. 

Each of the mares' photos are linked to their personal page for photos and pedigrees and past foals.. just click!

We also have a facebook page,  Palisades Appaloosas
Strictly Ballroom (Tango) 
 X Mighty Bright Reward
Due March 9th.   

Chips Dusty Sue (velvet)   X           
                     Mighty Bright Reward
    Due March 21st

Surprise surprise! Velvet , who was standing quietly at midnight.. no movement at all for l5 minutes.. no milk or colostrum upon udder check.. had a bay colt with stockings and blanket probably about 5am, March 16th.
I entered the barn , and there he was on my monitor.. sitting primly up on his forearms! I discovered this little beauty about 9 am. The stall was pristine. It appears she didnt have labor, that he just popped out! He is a bay with stockings , blaze and white blanket. She did a fantatastic job with no experience and no help!
I expect him to be a smaller horse about l4.2 hands, well muscled of course.  So far his disposition is quiet and very 

  His owners have two grown Palisades Appaloosas that they ride!

I love seasoned mares.  Tango had the textbook progression of signs,  showed me slightly milky fluid from her udder the night of March 7,  She held her tail rather high for a few days prior.. and voila.. a lovely filly at 4 am, March 8th!  It was 27 degrees so I was not super keen on spending a ton of time outside my sleeping bag.. but
I fed filly a little milk I collected from mom, thus buying her time  to figure out how to latch on by herself.   She was rather busy exploring the stall and not that patient with nursing. By 6:30 she had stopped long enough to figure out how to get her own milk.   
The filly is a chestnut fewspot , thus a 
color producer as a mare. She's pretty sweet so far!
Hannah is Reserved!
Earthlight Cowgirl, "mauzi" 
x Nugget Super Shado
due March 26th
April 2nd..  Mauzi looked pretty much the same as she had for a week or more, full udder, nice big belly, but no wax or milk upon inspection.
I began sleeping at the barn and watching her around March 27th and arrived at about 11:20 pm on April lst as usual to camp out in my tack room. Mauzi historically has large foals that exceed her own height at maturity. I usuaully help some with the delivery and like to be there just in case.
KK the Dream Begins, "Peaches"
   X Nuggets Super SHado
      Due March 29

Peaches is 22 this year and has been one of our best producing mares and a great trail horse too.  She's been with me 21 of those years.   April 4th  It was saturday night before Easter and Peaches had wax on her nipples at supper time. I know better than to stay away long once I see that.  I returned at l0:30 and again at midnight to spend the night.   Peaches was restless, circling the stall, pausing for contractions and resting. It was all pretty quiet but steady and I took a nap until 3 am when i saw her lay down a few times. So I got on my coveralls and joined her watching from outside the stall.
She lay down at several times before i saw the amniotic sac , which is what you see first with the tip of a hoof and a nose if all goes well.   Once we had two hoove and a nose i helped her by pulling when she pushed.  It was a little more help than she normally needs, but we got it done and  the colt immediately started wiggling and thrashing to get his back feet free from mom.  She gave us a black bay leopard colt, pretty as can be. Thank you Peaches!
On arrival i watched for a few minutes from my monitor and she was up and moving.. so I got my flashlight and went to check her out.  I bent down to see her udder had changed in two hours and her nipples were enlarged.. I reached down to squeeze and see if we had milk and her water broke with a flood from behind !!  It startled me as if i had caused it, but surely she was in labor and I just happened to walk in and interrupt her.  I hustled away to grab a bale of clean hay and a fork.. and removed all manure from her stall and covered the floor in hay.  She was already flopping down on her side to push this filly out, and by 11:40 she had arrived!   Good job Mauzi!!!  A beautiful black leopard filly with bald face and blue eyes!
Ellie is Reserved!
Peaches  Colt is offered for sale at $3,000
 Sterling  is RESERVED!
WF Stella Dallas (Cleo)
                   X Mighty Bright Reward
               Due May l2th

Foaled may 12!
Cleo had been showing signs of getting ready to foal for a good eight weeks. But the last two weeks showed no change at all, no final enlargement of udder, no wax, no signs of labor. Her due date was may 12, and i had not moved her into a foaling stall. I studied her history and every year she gave me lots of warning that she was getting ready to foal, often having a false labor for a night before a real one! I was with her for all five of her previous foalings.
 Tuesday night she galloped into the barn, udder shrunken down from a busy day outside, and ate her supper and went to sleep standing up in a corner. No movement, no signs, no big udder or wax. Nuthin. 
Wednesday morning. There she stands with a fewspot filly. They were a bit of a mess from foaling in a smaller space and me not being there to clean up around her and bed the stall with hay, but the filly had nursed and was on her feet, a little wobbly but over all looking healthy. 
 I decided to supplement the filly with equine colostrum i keep on hand because i don't know how long it was before she nursed and colostrum is the insurance against infection. Foals are born with Zero immunity and have to have that colostrum in the first l2 hours. So i moved the pair into a big clean stall and set about feeding and trying to brush mom and baby both .
Offered at  $2600
Grace is Reserved!
Fashion Dreamer X 
                  Mighty Bright Reward

Due to foal June 22nd

Fashion is 20 this year, but still going strong. She's a great producer and each foal has been very different.  Fashion looks heavier than usual this spring, and i've had a nagging fear of twins (which are never good in a horse) .. but time will tell.  
June 16th.. Fashion delivered with my help.. a gorgeous bay leopard colt about 11:55 pm..Levi is a bay, not a dun.  Elegant in conformation with a beautiful head and neck in particular. 

Roselyns Smores X Dreamin Dun
    Due July 2nd

Looks to be earlier by her 75% full udder developement early june.

    June 20th 3:30 am
Smores could not have looked more ready to foal with a full udder, loose hindquarters, and tail held high.  So I spent a second night with her watching on camera even though we were l2 days early   She was very restless for several hours.. zooming circles around the stall and rolling.  I was just getting worried that  there was going to be a malpresentation, when she began the real thing, the delivery.  Those front feet and nose were comforting and I helped her with a little pull to ease a bay leopard filly into the wee hours in the barn. She was quick to stand and nurse.  
Lucky Lady Friday  AKA PERU!
           X WT Remaarkable Panda AKA MAX

Due to foal August lst
Peru is not just a broodmare to me, but a dear companion and newly broke (by me) riding mare.  This is her first foal , at age 4, and Max's first offspring. Both are genetically black , but have an array of colors seasonally.  Peru is homozygous for LP, the color gene, so the foal WILL have appaloosa color of some kind. 
This foal will probably, but not definitely be for sale.  
Ok so she DID IT!!!   On my mother's birthday, July 28th.. with quite a small udder but a little drop of milk on each side.. that told me to pay attention.   At midnight she was more sweaty than a mare should be in abotu 65 degrees.. and a bit restless.  At 2:l5 she presented me with a black colt with a white blanket with dots and dashes.  I will call him "Dash"

Dash is RESERVED!      $3000

Kali was Parentage verified as the last daughter of Nuggets Super shado. 

Offered at 3200       Kali is Reserved