Thanks to Jazzy's previous owners for pictures of her two foals, Jazzy, and baby Colton having a ride. 

Nove, Jazzy's 2013 grulla filly by Zeke.  
Dandy, 2011 colt by Nuggets Super Shado
Rio,  Nuggets Super Shado, 2012 colt
Blue Shado Maximus,  "Max" 2014 colt by zeke!
PA Naturally Dun  2015 filly by Dreamin Dun!
Mighty Beau Blue,  2016 Red dun blanket Colt by Mighty Bright Reward
Rolling River Blue, 2012 colt by Zeke!
Click here to add text.Jazzy Bright N Mighty,  Katie.. 2017 bay snowflake     filly by Mighty Bright Reward 

Mitch and Lisa Estridge 
 1601 Bowman's Bottom Road Lancaster, Kentucky 40444


Jewel,  Jazzy's 2018 grulla blanketed filly by Mighty Bright Reward.
Skips Fine Freckles, 2019 colt by Mighty Bright Reward
Jazzy is a 1999 Quarter Horse mare.  Her color is "Grulla", which is a black dun.
Jazzy is l5.3 hands high and has a bold dorsal stripe, which tells us she carries the Dun factor.
Like most grullas, she has seasonal color changes, sometimes looking black, other times looking
tan with black head and points.  Jazzy has had 10 gorgeous foals, pictured below, two by QH sires,
  and the rest by Nuggets Super Shado,  Dreamin Dun, and Mighty Bright Reward.
 Jazzy is broke to ride as well as being an experienced broodmare. 
Sadly,  Jazzy lost her 2021 foal by Samson at about 5 months.  Necropsy revealed a problem with the umbilical chord was mostly likely the cause.
I get wonderful reports about her babies under saddle, so we will try again for 2022 .
Monterey Jazz 
2020 Dun colt by Mighty Bright Reward