This page was last updated on: March 10, 2021
Jess, Carla, Zachary, Savannah, Eli, Gabriel,
 Mitch and Lisa Estridge
Palisades Appaloosas
   Lancaster, KY 40444


Would you like to visit the farm via video?  "KENTUCKY LIFE" produced a television show about conservation land owners (as we are here at Palisades) and what they do with their protected land. You will be able to see the farm and horses on this streaming video from about 2006.  Click the button below for the link.  then press the blue "watch it" in the upper right.
Eli and our beloved gelding, Rusty.
MItch astride Sean,  and Savannah riding Oreo
Lisa and Peru,  2020  
         starting under saddle..
   Music and photo gallery, by Lisa Reed Estridge
                owner and breeder at Palisades

Wayfaring Stranger, Video and Voice by lisa Estridge
written by Johnny Cash
In the Arms of the Angel,

Lady May,   written by Tyler Childres,  
      video and cover by LIsa Estridge
Evelyn, grandaughter riding Oreo!
Homecoming Day
Always on My Mind
Lisa on the cover of Russian "Horse World"
A Soft Place to Fall...

Strawberry Wine, video and voice by lisa estridge
Tattoos , written by Tyler Childers
Video and voice by Lisa Estridge
Sing Me Back Home,
     Merle Haggard, cover by Lisa Estridge
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen
       Follow You to Virgie,  written by Tyler Childers
              Click to link to sound cloud....
Crazy in Alabama,  written by Kate Campbell,  cover by lisa Reed Estridge