Skipelletta was a 2001 Aphc Buckskin mare with characteristics and a few black spots. Correction, in 2010, at age 9, she burst out in a whole body full of dark brown spots. I have posted a picture below!  She is a Grandaughter of Mighty Tim, and includes Skipper W and Two Eyed Jack in her pedigree as well.   This experienced broodmare combined a pretty head with a broad and muscular body. She was l5 hands high and gave us seven colorful foals by three stallions.  About five years ago she began to develop arthritis in her knees.  It became apparent that she was in pain about two years ago.   After she gave birth to Mighty Chip in 2018,  she deteriorated further and was struggling to walk. She developed pressure sores that would not heal from lying down.  In November of 2018,  Skip was euthanized her in our pasture after enjoying the autumn weather.   She was not in foal at the time.   
Thanks to Skip for a job well done.  

Mitch and Lisa Estridge 
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road Lancaster, Kentucky 40444

Skipelletta as a foal with her Dam, Kelletta
2006 Buckskin colt by Live the Dream
2008 Bay Colt by Ima MCloud
Skip the Fine Print , 2005 filly by Mystic Doc Jay
Skippin and Dreamin ,Barn named Lulu by her new owners in KY!  2010 filly
Skipelletta's spotted coat that appeared at age 9!
Secret, 2013 bay filly by Nuggets super shado
above are Breeze and Scout,  2012 filly and 2011 colt by RHR Blue Eagle
PA Desert Shado  "Dusty"  2015  buckskin Fewspot Stud colt
PA Mardi Gras, Mardi is a 2017 solid buckskin filly by Twilight Reemarkable. 
                She is EE Aa CR  lp/lp  and has one copy of PATN1 
Mighty Chip, bay leopard colt by Mighty Bright Reward.
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