Our Appaloosa mares worked hard on their 2018 foal crop for 11 months!  There were 12 colorful foals born this spring. We delivered safely 6 foals in March and 6 foals in April. I have no late foals this season. The babies are sired by all four of our stallions I attended each birth and have begun the job of giving each foal the proper time and attention they need as a foundation for a successful future. Spring and Summer are  spent teaching them to be gentle and well mannered for their new owners.

  I post each mare as her time grows near and detail her development and delivery.  The foals will be posted within a day or two of their birth.  They can be reserved until weaning time with a 33% non refundable deposit. 
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I hope you enjoy the foaling season as much as I do.
I love sharing this experience with my visitors, especially those not lucky enough to have horses of their own.

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Strictly Ballroom X Zeke
 due March l5th    Foaled March l2th!

 In the midst of a heavy wet snowstorm and a power outage.. Tango delivered her blanketed colt at about 11 pm.  I was huddled under a sleeping bag in the tack room without benefit of my space heater or a foal camera on her.  It was about 29 degrees.  I dragged myself out to look at her and found the colt just born.  I was there to help him stand and nurse,handle and imprint, before returning to my sleeping bag cave.  It was yet another day before the electricity came back on, and I was able to enjoy my coffee and a shower! He was a little shivery day one, but was starting to run about the stall late in the evening.  Sky will be for sale at $2500  Gone home to TN

CMS Milliondollarbaby X Zeke
   Due March 11  foaled March 6th! 1:30 am

 I decided to check on Babe during the night at about midnight in the foaling stall. I’m glad I did, because I found her to have wax dangling from both teats.  I cleaned her stall and went to the tack room to wait and watch her on camera. I dozed off and opened my eyes at l:30 am. Babe was just laying down to deliver her solid black filly. She needed no help from me. The delivery went quickly and soon the filly was lying next to her in the bedding. I cleaned the stall again and covered the floor with a bale of fresh hay. By then the filly was trying to stand, so I supported her and she was on her feet by 2 am. Babe began to have afterpains that were making her very uncomfortable, so I moved baby to a corner while her dam circled and rolled.. acting much like colic until the contractions diminished. Then I got her to her feet and began the job of helping the filly to find the udder and begin nursing. That is the most important job in the hours following foaling. Without the colostrum, a foal would likely get septic and die. Babe had great rich milk, but the filly was not really latching on and sucking, so I collected milk in a syringe and squirted it into her mouth .
After a few sips of colostrum and many attempts to figure out nursing.. she lay down exhausted and took a nap. I did the same and in an hour she had figured out how to nurse without more help from me!.
This filly hair tests homozygous for black EE aa lp/lp and PATN1/n
Millie will make a perfect cross with a fewspot stallion and will contribute a black gene every time.  Plus she can produce the leopard pattern PATN1, and she will never produce red foals or fewspot foals. 

Millie is for sale at $1800  gone home to CA!

Skips Jazzy Blue X 
Mighty Bright Reward (Samson)
Grulla Mare X bay Fewspot sire
     March 28th..  Jazzy showed me just a hint of labor at dinner time, raising her back legs to belly as if to say "ouch".  Her udder was full and she was 6 days past her due date.. if figured we were in business.  Thru the night she circled the stall with a lot of tail slashing and urinating small amounts at a time.  It was 5 am when she finally lay down and pushed.  I came in and helped a little to make the job easier on her.  What a gorgeous grulla filly with a big spotted blanket was our reward! 
Jewel was offered for sale at $2800 and is 
Reserved by Stacey! and gone home to NH
Earthlight Cowgirl (Mauzi) X Nuggets Super Shado
  Due April 6th. 
April 5th.. Mauzi gave me strong signs that today was the day for foaling.  Her udder was bursting and she was leaking colostrum all day. I began my evening watch at 10:30 pm in the barn and by 1 am she was starting her delivery.  Mauzi has a history of producing foals larger than herself and this one was a doozie.  She and I worked together for 20 or 30 minutes of trying to get him delivered. . This is really too long, and I was dodging thoughts of losing the foal while I pulled as hard as I could. Mauzi switched sides often, rising and laying down again trying to help loosen the foal's shoulders.  FINALLY he started to emerge and I pulled out a remarkably large and long leopard colt.  And he was ALIVE!
Fantastic work , Mauzi!
Jordan is for sale at $2500
Jordan is reserved for Kayla! and gone home to NC

Hollywood Peanut X Twilight Reemarkable
    Due March l4th    foaled March 29th
Holly got a late start preparing for this colt wtih no changes to her body or udder until the l0th.. 4 days prior to her due date.  But she moved ahead quickly and by the 27th I was getting the feeling that foaling was near.  Her belly dropped and the muscles near her tail head relaxed leaving dents.  Her udder filled completely, and she began to drift off alone to graze during the days outside.  Thursday evening I noticed her raise her back legs to belly as if to say "ouch" a few times.  That caught my attention and I returned at 9 pm to see a tiny big of wax on her udder.  At 11 i came back for the night and she didn't waste much time in laying down and starting her delivery of this stunning leopard colt by Markus. 
Skipelletta X Mighty Bright Reward (samson)
   Due March 30th
Skip delivered a bay leopard colt with two blue eyes at Midnight April 12th.
I was there to help and the colt got up well before mom felt like rising.  So I milked her
while she was lying down and fed her colt a little colostrum to get him started while he waited for mom. I shared some of Skips rich milk with Sage's colt who was a day old.  Just a little more help to get him started. 

Chip will be offered for sale at $2400
 Reserved for Mary
and gone home to KY

TB started her physical changes about February 19th, and she did foal later than her due date. She had a quick and safe delivery this year in the middle of the afternoon! How civilized!  

Toby is here!  a solid black bay colt with a heart shaped star...he arrived with ease at 2 in the afternoon!  a blessing! 
   Toby has show worthy conformation , is intelligent and a good learner.  He's in the middle of the pecking order.  not a boss, nor is he timid.  He's  an atheltic and social colt.  Toby is homozygous for black, and may well carry pattern genes from his colored sire and dam.  He could be a good sire for fewspot mares' offspring
Toby is Reserved by Debra
And gone home to IL

She is here!  a grulla filly with blanket and spots!  
Holly was tired and sore and did not want to get up for an hour after the birth. Since colostrum is very important as soon after birth as possible, I milked Holly laying down and fed the colt a few syringes while we waited for mom to feel better.  They were nursing by about 2 am. 
      Bandit is for sale at $2800   Reserved for Rombie! and headed for Puerto Rico!

Fashion Dreamer X Mighty Bright Reward
Due April 20th
Fashion has aften gone way over her due date, but this time treated me to just a four day wait.  She doesn't get terrible loose in her muscles or a very full udder, no wax, no milk to see.. so you just have to watch your dates and stay close.  I was not totally expecting anything the night she foaled, but opened my eyes to a dun filly being born early in the morning. I think it was 6:30 am.  Since Samson, the sire, is a fewspot.. I knew she would have some amount of color and carry the LP gene.  She has a dozen snowflake, a dorsal stripe , a blaze and one blue eye.  She will likely color over time.  She is a show horse to the eye, and is very light on her feet. 
Bonnie is offered for sale at $2400
She is reserved for Doug!
and gone home to KY with Diego!

I  have a lot to catch you up on!  We had FOUR foals delivered in three days this past week of April    Sage had a bay fewspot colt,  Flirt had a palomino blanket colt, Skip had a bay leopard colt, and Jo had a black snowcap filly.  I wlil catch up when the baby storm is over!  You can see some early pics on Facebook on my Palisades Appaloosas page. 
Hartes Sizzler Jo X Twilight Reemarkable

Black snowcap filly born APril l3th

 Jo was getting ready to foal while I was helping Skip's colt rise and nurse.  She delivered at about 1 am, an hour after Skip.  She is an old hand, our senior mare, and we got the lovely black snowcap filly delivered without much struggle.  Jo was a rescue from Canada and has given back far more than i gave to bring her home at age l4.  
Deja has gone home with Chasity to join 
Rock Hill Farm's sporthorse breeding program!
Photo by Chasity

Im Flirtatious X Dreamin DUn
   Palomino  Blanket colt born 
  April l4th  3 am!
Offered for sale at  $2500
Sold and gone home with Munchkin!

I was not really expecting Flirt to deliver quite yet, but I was awakened at three AM by some loud loud banging of hooves agains oak walls.  Flirt's colt was already born and she was doing some rolling with afterpains.  I quickly got up, pulled him out the stall door and set about calming Flirt, cleaning up and bedding the stall in hay.   She is maiden and milk was slow to arrive,  so I gave the "golden nugget" some oral equine IgG and then we started figuring out this nursing thing.  Flirt fought it a bit at the start but settled in by morning. 
Nugget Carries the Cream Gene from his dam and is a Palomion with a white blanket and some small spots.
His dam is a daughter of Imaginate and his sire a son of Dreamfinder! 
See more pics on our for sale page. 

Click here to add text.Hadar Dream X Dreamin Dun
       foaled a bay fewspot colt with two blue eyes, 
                      Due April 2nd, 
        Foaled:     April 11th 10 pm  
Sage completed 11 months and two weeks gestation without appearing pregnant. I knew she was, because I saw movement in the foal two weeks prior to delivery . The night of foaling she seemed to have her short tail high in the air almost all the time.  So I was not totally
surprised when I left the barn at 9:30 and returned at 11 pm to find Munchkin, a small first born boy by her side.  His parents are l5.1 and l5.2,  so surely he will 
catch up with a little spring grass and time. 
  We'll watch him bloom.. 
           Munchkin will be for sale at $2,000
                 Junior's son is reserved and gone home 
                         With Nugget!

KK the Dream Begins X Twilight Reemarkable
      foal due April 22nd

April 27th..  Peaches came in from pasture with her udder half full and showing no signs of labor.  8:30 pm, nothing going on.  9:30 check.. one small drop of milk on her teat.  I watched her on camera for awhile and saw some short burst of agitation.. walking,  urinating.  I hurried back to the house to finish up dog care and button things up, and back to the barn by l0:30.  I figured Peaches was not going to take a long time to deliver her l3th foal!
11 pm,  baby boy is on the ground with just a little help from me.  He is a black bay fewspot colt by Markus.  I milked Peaches and fed him colostrum, guided him to the udder for a half hour without luck,  and took a nap at 1 am giving him some time to figure out the nursing thing..
At the 3 am check, mother and son were doing well, nursing and steady on his feet. 

 offered for sale at $2800
He is homozygous for black, the LP gene and the PATN1 gene.
Diego is Reserved for DOUG!
and left for home in KY. 

Taylor Brooke X Nuggets Super Shado
    due March 11th     Foaled Marth 29th
2018 Foals arriving!