2020 Foaling Barn
 Our Appaloosa mares are getting ready to present us with our 2020 Appaloosa foal crop. There are 10 colorful mares due to foal. This year the foals are due in late February thru June and one late bloomer in September.  The babies are sired by three different stallions.  I will be working round the clock to attend each birth and to give each foal the proper time and attention. Spring and summer will be spent teaching them to be gentle and well mannered for their new owners. 

  I will post each mare as her time grows near and detail her development and delivery. The foals will be posted within a day or two of their birth. They can be reserved until weaning time with a 33% non refundable deposit. Click here to see our full Policy on foal sales.  

 I hope you enjoy the foaling season as much as I do. 
I love sharing this experience with my visitors, especially those not lucky enough to have horses of their own. 

Each of the mares' photos are linked to their personal page for photos and pedigrees and past foals.. just click!

We also have a facebook page,  Palisades Appaloosas
Strictly Ballroom (Tango) X Mighty Bright Reward        Due February 23rd  Foaled February 27th

Tango is a tried and true mother with ten beautiful foals already to her credit.

February 27th, Tango was looking ready with all the classic signs of foaling.   She had wax on her udder,  low full belly and relaxed hind quarters.  I awoke at 5:30 am to see her circling the stall, and the start of the amniotic sack and baby feet showing. I joined her in the foaling stall to help just a little by adding some pull to her push. It took awhile for this tall colt to stand, so I milked the mare and fed him some colostrum as he lay resting.  By 7 he was up and moving around the stall, so off for coffee I went!

This frosty black leopard colt will be offered for sale at $2600  KC IS Reserved
Sheza Shooting Star (Missy)
                     X Mighty Bright Reward!
Due to foal February 24th

Missy is a seasoned riding mare and having her first foal for us this year at age l8.  She conceived easily on one cover, so lets hope her delivery goes as smoothly.
Skips Jazzy Blue  X Mighty Bright Reward
    Due to foal March l4

Jazzy is a classic grulla AQHA mare, which is why Samson is a good cross for her.  Fewspot stallions guarantee color on all foals even those from solid and non appaloosa mares.   If you look at her page linked to her photo,  you will see the great variety  of foals the same cross can produce!  
March 22nd  Jazzy watched me tend to the birth of missy's colt at 10 pm and waited for me to lay down.. and she gave birth to her grulla colt about 2:30 am. I awakened to his arrival and helped him nurse .. I dare say i was not needed!
Tango's colt at just 4 days old!
    Earthlight Cowgirl (Mauzi) X Nuggets Super Shado 
 Due to foal April 3

April 6th, 6:30 am.
I was on my fifth night of watching Mauzi on camera from the tack room.  She had wax that morning, so i was pretty sure the foal was on his way...
Early in the morning I was dreaming. I was in a stall feeding, and there was a big black snake. It stuck to my boot and i began to fling my foot around trying to shake it off. I succeeded in tossing it up into my cot where i was foal watching. I had to wake up and check the cot to see if that snake was really in there!  It was at that point that i noticed Mauzi seemed to be getting serious about having her foal. And soon..she did! It was her easiest ever delivery with only a little pull from me and he was sliding on out!
He's a big colt,  a black leopard with blue roaning on the front half of his body like his dad. 
March 21st:   Missy gave it up finally at l0 pm on March 2lst, a year from her breeding!  The sweet colt is bay based,  lots of white,  and moves with such ease and flexibility, I call him Handy. He will be offered for sale at $2400
Handy is Reserved!

Monty is offered at $2600 and is RESERVED!
Mauzi's colt is offered for sale at $2800
           Deputy (barn name) is RESERVED!
Roselyn's Smores  X Nuggets Super Shado
Due to foal  April 24th

   Smores has exceeded my expectations for size and conformation.  She's one of our bigger mares, full bodied and balanced at over l5.2 hands.  She's an easy keeper and and foals easily.  She is 7 this year and having her third foal.  Both past foals were solid black, in spite of being bred to leopard stallions.  That is the fun of raising appaloosas.  The roll of the color dice can end up so many ways!  Click on her picture to see her page. 

Last night was April 22nd. Smores was due to foal April 24th. So about midnight I told my husband i was going down to check on her and would be right back. I sat and watched her on camera from the tack room for awhile and she was more active than other nights.. She was shifting her weight from back leg to back leg, then making a sudden circle around the stall. Welp.. looks like I'm staying the night! And so I did, and I had a fitful half sleep watching this dance until about 4:30 am when Smores lay down to deliver her foal. She's been a great broodmare, doesn't need a lot of grain to stay in good weight, got pregnant on one cover, delivers right on time, doesn't need my help, has plenty of milk.... there's just this one hitch… a third SOLID BLACK BABY!
Ok ok, it is not just her that is causing this lack of the LP color gene.. her boyfriends could just as well have pitched in, but they didn't. Neither markus nor zeke provided any color either! But here she is … Eden… solid black filly!
Oh, and about my husband. When i didn't come back, he considered the possibilities.. that i had been murdered, eaten by coyotes, decided to stay with Smores… but he was so comfy in his bed, warm.. just went back to sleep. She's probably ok.
PS i will have her color genetics done to see what is hiding (PATN1, etc) and what she has to offer as a broodmare.
Fashion Dreamer X Mighty Bright Reward

    due to foal , May 12th 
Grulla leopard colt, May 16th 3 am

Fashion is probably our biggest mare if you consider her volume as well has her height.  She is l5.3 and very stocky. 
She has about 25 halter points from her younger days. 
The foal could have a great variety of base colors from chestnut to grulla,  bay dun, black.. red dun.. 
The appaloosa pattern will be a surprise.   This is fashions 5th foal by Mighty Bright Reward.  Check out past foals by clicking on her picture. 

May 15 th  I checked Fashion's records and her last three foals were born 4,3 and 4 days post due date . So it was time to get serious with my foal watch.  At midnight check the last two nights, Fashion had been asleep and did not move at all.  Her udder is not a good measure of when her foal will arrive since it stays half full until the actual delivery. On this night the first difference i noted upon arrival was that she was watching me out the window. Not sleeping.  This seems to be a frequent behavior of mares in labor.. they are checking to see if the coast is clear.  I tried to act disinterested as i passed by and then quietly entered the tack room where I could watch my foal cam.   She was walking about picking at imaginary hay and definitely not sleeping.  I decided to stay and i was rewarded with a colt by 3 am!  
and what a handsome one he is!
Eden's genetic testing is back and she hit the jackpot!  She is EEaa Homozygous for black,  PATN1/PATN1  homzygous for 
leopard pattern and 6 panel n/n!!! 

 Eden is offered for sale at $2500
She is Reserved !
This handsome grulla leopard colt is one of a kind.  He is offered for sale at $3,000               Reserved!
WF Stella Dallas X Dreamin Dun
due to foal May 30th
Dont think we will make it that long...

Cleo has had a nearly full udder for a few weeks.  Her records show she does usually "bag up" early and keep me on my toes.  Past foals have come a week early too.   Her body is loose and relaxed and i am keeping a close eye on her . She will be in a foaling stall starting tonight,  may23rd.
May 29th,  12:15 am
Cleo had teased me the previous night because she had wax on her teats and looked oh so ready.  I had a terrible nights sleep as i stared at her doing absolutely nothing all night long.   I could not convince myself that she was NOT in labor! Cleo, on the other hand slept well!
So Friday night rolled around , and I was less certain that she was going to foal despite the wax.   I had lots to do up at the house and kept checking every hour for the typical restless behaviors of labor.  She did not circle, she did not tail slash, she did not raise her upper lip or glace at her sides.  She just ate hay. 
I settled in at 11:45 determined to get some sleep, and i noticed she had her tail on sideways and was buckling at the knees.. and going down!  Wait.. where was the labor???
I joined her in the stall for an uneventful delivery.  In the past i had to help her quite a bit.  Once my husband had to join me in the pull.. but this time, just a little help and this magical white boy was born. He is a chestnut based fewspot.
He sill be a 100% color producer and is offered for sale at $2500  MAGIC IS RESERVED!

We have two MORE mares to foal after  Sage...
                                        Im Flirtatious and  and Milliondollar Baby. 
Hadar Dream X Dreamin Dun
      Due to foal,  May 28th

This foal is a neat combination of my first mare (Peaches) my first stallion (Zeke) and my second stud.. Dreamin Dun.  
Sage was sold but came back home at l2 years old.   SHe has had two foals prior to this years.   A fewspot and a leopard.
This year will be a bay fewspot OR a bay leopard.  
She is looking good and ready to foal any time. 

June lst  12:15 am
Sunday morning, the 31st of May, i saw a small dot of wax
on Sage's udder. I did turn her out as it was warm and sunny.
I checked on her often thru the day and she was quiet, no signs of labor, no baby in the pasture.  
At 11:50 I arrived at the barn to sleep and immediately noticed some circling behavior and her examining the floor of her stall rather closely as if to lie down . I spread a bale of hay over the floor to cushion her labor.   Very soon she lay down and began to deliver her foal.   Sage has only had three foals at age l5 and her body is not stretched out like other mares are at her age. I helped her by pulling while she pushed and it took some strong work to get this bay leopard colt delivered.  But by two am, he was up and nursing, and i lay down for a rest.
He will be offered for sale at  $2600
Im Flirtatious  X Mighty Bright Reward
         due to foal June 4th   usually two weeks late!

 June 19th.  Two weeks and one day after her due date, Flirt delivered her colt in the pasture in the afternoon.   It was hot, humid and buggy, and they were relieved to be brought into a nice clean stall with hay and water to rest .   This colt Palomino based colt is hair tested and carries leopard pattern and cream gene.   He has tiny spots all over him that will become more obvious with age. 
His pedigree and conformation are stunning.

Sandy is offered for sale at $2400

Wilbur is Reserved (and named by) for Olivia!
CMS Milliondollarbaby   X   Nuggets Super Shado
      Due to foal Sept 6,   Foaled a filly August 27th!

Babe and Zeke have had a couple of foals before,  one a solid black filly now in CA, and a black leopard 
who went all the way to Scotland!  This foal will be black based, and who knows what pattern we will get.  If solid, it will still carry PATN1 because Babe is homozygous for leopard pattern. It could be a leopard, a solid black or a black based fewspot.   She began udder enlargement about July l4th. 
Babe had been taking her sweet time getting ready for this filly for 6 full weeks.. getting every looser, lower and more full in her udder.  FINALLY  i spent one long hot night with her on the 26th,  and she did NOT have  her foal.  The next evening i left at 9:30,  returned at l0:30 pm.. and she had just delivered and exquisite little near leopard filly.  Meet Willow!
    $2800    RESERVED!

Video and song by LIsa Estridge
                   written by Allison Morer