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OOur Appaloosa mares are getting ready to present us with our 2022 Appaloosa foal crop. There are 11 colorful mares due to foal. This year the foals are due in February through June. The babies are sired by two different stallions. I will be working round the clock to attend each birth and to give each foal the proper time and attention. Spring and summer will be spent teaching them to be trusting and well mannered for their new owners. 

  I will post each mare as her time grows near and detail her development and delivery. The foals will be posted within a day or two of their birth. They can be reserved until weaning time with a 33% non refundable deposit. Click here to see our full Policy on foal sales.  

 I hope you enjoy the foaling season as much as I do. 
I love sharing this experience with my visitors, especially those not lucky enough to have horses of their own. 

Each of the mares' photos are linked to their personal page for photos and pedigrees and past foals.. just click!

CMS MilliondollarBaby X Mighty Bright Reward
due February 9th
SKips Jazzy Blue Grulla AQHA
    X Mighty Bright Reward

Due February l2th

February 19.. Jazzy 's udder was doubled in the morning and did not shrink down during turnout.  This is the type of sign I look for.  By midnight, I was able to expel some white milk from her udder and I told siri to wake me in two hours!  And when she did, the new colt was being born. 

He is a bay leopard, much like Babe's black leopard.  pretty head, good strong bone, and colorful. He was bucking at an hour old !
This little guy, Starlite, is reserved for Katherine and her family.
He will be living in Puerto Rico!
  Hadar Dream "Sage" X              
           Remaarkable Panda  "Max"
             Due March l4

Sage was born here at Palisades, and her dam is KK the Dream Begins (Peaches), one of my original mares who is now 23. Peaches is also in foal to the same stallion! 

April 2nd 11 PM I took care of things at home, put the dogs and husband to bed.. took a shower (isn't that funny that i clean up to go back to the barn to sleep) and got back in time to find Sage lying down. I watched for awhile on camera and started to get concerned that she may have been straining for some period of time and was not making progress.. so I decided to go into the stall and get a better look. I talk to her as i entered so i would not scare her, and saw that there was a foot showing inside the typical white membrane. I got a bale of grass hay and spread it all around her, since her breaking water was making a mess of our dirt floor. I let her work for another l0 minutes and she had a nose and two feet out. I offered to help her in the home stretch and she let me. I pretty much have to pull as hard as i can because i'm not a big person.. but the colt began to budge and out he came slowly slowly out! I retired to a distance to let them rest, but Sage was up in no time and licking and pulling the rest of the sack off of him. She never lay down again and set about prodding and licking and talking and encouraging him to get up and nurse. I did not lay down myself until he had found the nipple and had some colostrum. They are doing well today!

Reno is a bay leopard.  He is offered for sale at $3800

Reno is reserved for Chasity! 

 photos day one and ten
Babe presented me with a black leopard colt a few days early, February 6th.  Her delivery appeared to be easy and he was born strong and ready to get up and explore.   He is a tall colt at 42 inches, and curious and easy to get my arms around already. 

 He is offered for sale at $3400
This colt is reserved!
Strictly  Ballroom X Mighty Bright Reward
        Due March 21st, but looking early!

March 19th..  11 pm..  Tango had been dripping wax from her udder for two days, causing me to stay  very close and check on her hourly.  I settled into my cot watching her on a monitor. She began to circle and paw the floor.  I thought i had a couple hours to wait, but at 11:l5 she lay down to begin delivering her filly.  A beautiful fewspot was born at 11:30 pm. 

For sale at $3500 
Actually, we have decided that this filly will be a great cross for Max, our junior stallion ... so Macarena (Reena) will be staying at palisades!
Earthlight Cowgirl "Mauzi", X Max!
   Remaarkable Panda
    Due March 21st

This is a first time cross, with both parents carrying  both red and black genes and one copy of PATN1, leopard pattern.  That leaves a great deal of possiblity for variety of color, including fewspot, snowcap, patterned or solid.

March 18th, midnight.. I was closely watching Tango who seemed ready to foal for the last several days.. and i checked Mauzi's udder with a flashlight and was surprised to see wax!  I shuffled mares around and got her into a foaling stall.  She began to circle the stall in labor until about 4 am.  I entered, spread a bale of hay around her as she pushed, and helped to deliver her baby girl.  She is solid black!   Pearl is Reserved!
Click her picture to see her personal page
KK the Dream Begins "Peaches" X 

KK the Dream Begins "Peaches"
 x Max.. WT Remaarkable Panda
             Due March 23rd

Peaches was my very first broodmare purchased as a yearling 22 years ago.  I broke her to ride mysel, and we had many happy trail rides.  She's produced so many colorful foals for us, and one son is a stallion in TX.   Her Daughters Sage and Summer are here to carry on when she retires.

    APRIL 7th  I went to check on Peaches about 11 pm as usual.. and she was laying down, making some some noise.. but then again she does snore. There was a smell in the air.. that i recognized as birth. I didn't consciously realize there was a certain smell, but my brain did. I grabbed a bale of hay and went in and bedded the stall beneath her, since she was indeed in the second stage of labor. It was not 10 minutes before her colt was on the ground with a little help from me, that was not really needed. Within the hour he was up and staggering around. Peaches has the technique for tucking a foal in the right spot to encourage nursing , over and over as long as it takes. It didn't take too long, and she passed her afterbirth, soon thereafter. Ii was ready for a nap by 1 am in my yesterday clothes and coat. Wonderful job Peaches , our senior mare at 23.

Bay fewspot colt  day one... will update photos in a few days.. he will be offered for sale at $3200  

Shiloh's color genetics reveal
a great color producer if kept a stallion.
EE Aa LP/LP and n/PATN1.  He is homozygous for black and for color, and carries leopard pattern!   Shiloh has gone home to Mississippi!
WF Stella Dallas X Mighty Bright Reward
      Due April 27th

                    Cleo has had two stunning babies by Samson, and I am hoping for a third!   
Click on her picture to see her page , photos and past foals. 

April 29th 6:56 am ..I had been sleeping in the barn for 11 nights at this point trying very hard to be with Cleo for the birth.  She had been waxing for two days and had a restless night, when i saw her paw the ground and drop .  Finally we were in business, and I watched her from the barn aisle until a nose and both feet were showing.  I stepped in and helped her and she made good progress..  The bay leopard colt was born by 7:20 am.  He's gorgeous in color and conformation. I think this one is a stallion prospect. 

Cleo's colt is offered at $3500  
Orion is RESERVED!

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​DS Drift Charge, "cookie"
X Mighty Bright Reward

Due May 12

Cookie is a 2008 AQHA Dun mare who joined us early in 2021 from her home in Texas.  Cookie is tall, athletic, and has beautiful movement.  She was ridden extensively in her former life, and has joined our broodmare band.  

May 15th 5 am.. after a long night of stall circling with me watching from the tack room,  Cookie lay down to deliver her filly .   I joined her to help , since first foalings can be challenging.   Cookies black bay filly is covered in a galaxy of stars.   
Offered at $3200

Reserved for Stephanie,  who owns a 3 year old mare from Palisades

Waps Night Sky, "Ruby"  
   X Mighty Bright Reward

    Due june 7th

 Ruby is a home grown mare out of smores and Twilight Reemarkable. She is having her first foal.  She is genetically black and carries two genes for leopard pattern.  Combined with Samson's LP gene.. she should produce some form of leopard.  That can be spots all over or,  partially repressed.  It is exciting to see how the genetics will show themselves!
    June 13th, 3:30 am..
I had been watching Ruby at night from my tack room for about 11 nights. She was now about 6 days overdue, but that's pretty normal.  Due dates are just an average. Ruby was restless, circling the stall often.  The previous week she had spent either standing quietly or lying down, so this behavior had meaning.  At 3:30 she lay down and began to deliver her filly.  I watched from outside the stall until I saw two feet protruding covered in the white amniotic sack.  I entered and helped by adding a little pull to her push.  in 20 minutes we had her filly delivered!
Photos from day one... 
Strawberry shortcake is offered for sale at $3500
Shortcake will be available in March!
She is a red leopard with two blue eyes and bald face.
Fashion Dreamer X Mighty Bright Reward Due June l8 

Fashion is 21 this year  and a big beautiful dun appaloosa mare.  We've crossed these two many times, and you can see the result on Fashion's page. Click her picture. 

June 8th.  Fashion was starting to catch up to Ruby and look ready to foal, so I put her in a foaling stall about 9 pm.  I went to the house to care for dogs, shower and get ready to spend the night watching the two mares that were due.   At 11 pm I returned to see her lying down resting, center stall.   Then I noticed a little head popping up at her feet!  She had delivered a fine dun colt with four socks, blaze and bold dorsal stripe while i was gone!
I've named him Aladdin, and he has the slightest bit of white on his hips.. proving that his fewspot sire, Samson, did indeed give him one of his two LP genes!   He will likely frost over time. 

Alladin is offered at $3,000
Aladdin is RESERVED!

2022 Palisades Appaloosas     foals arriving!
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