Hartes Sizzler Jo X Nuggets Super Shado  
 Due March 10th
Jo is  our senior mare, 22 years old.  She is a dark chestnut leopard with strong Mighty Bright breeding.  She came to us at age l4 with many foals already behind her.  March 10th!About 11:30 pm, I decided to check my girls. Jo had the tiniest bit of wax on her udder. Barely visible. BUT, since she has been early in the past and this was her due date today, I decided to sleep with her. I returned at 12:30 am dressed to camp out, and she looked a tiny bit agitated.. pawing now and then, nothing dramatic. At 1 am, Jo lay down and delivered a filly with a roan blanket, with ease. I joined them for the next two hours getting her to her feet and nursing a little. The filly let out her first nicker and the whole barn full of mares answered her! 
My daughter left for Peru this morning, and I think that's a neat name for the filly, "Peru" 
Peru will be staying with us!.  
 She is homozygous for the LP gene and carries PATN1.

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CMS Million Dollar Baby  X Nuggets Super Shado 
Foaled March l7th, black leopard colt!
Earlier today, we paused the story when I am just about done at the barn, firing up the manure spreader, and I look out to see Babe laying down next to a fence in a far corner of the barnyard hillside. Hmm, I'd better get her back into a foaling stall because is it 40 degrees and drizzling ! As i approach with a lead rope, i see a small white shape at her hind end. And it's moving. Change of plans. I grab the nearest mare and start trotting her to the barn. There's this problem with leading a mare and a newborn foal to the barn thru a herd of mares. They get SO EXCITED and start running about, getting too close, possibly stepping on the newborn and infuriating the new mom. You simply have to remove everybody first, to safely move your baby! My helpe, Sarah Ann, and I quickly fetched all six other mares and put them back in the stalls we had just cleaned. 

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Earthlight Cowgirl X Mighty Bright Reward
        Due March 25th
I was getting very weary waiting on my two mares each a week overdue. I'd slept in the barn every night since March l0th. I lay down at midnight and neither Jazzy nor Mauzi had any significant changes to their udder or behavior. I awoke disoriented at 4:07 and realized I was FOAL WATCHING and had slept four hours!!! I scanned my monitor and saw two stalls with mares sleeping and no foals. As I lay back and watched, Mauzi lay down and looked very much like she was in labor. What luck! I had awakened just in time. Mauzi has large foals and I was prepared to do some pulling. Mauzi worked hard, but did need some help Together we got a nice big filly delivered around 4:30 am' Autumn is a bay roan fewspot with a blaze, and is probably homozygous for the color gene. She is sired by Samson and  I think she will grow up to look quite a bit like him! 
 Autumn is sweet natured already and should be a color producer as a mare, and a nice family mount.
She may be homozygous for the PATN1 gene as well as the LP gene. 
Autumn is offered for sale at $2200,
Autumn is at home in NH with Jackie!

Fashion Dreamer X Mighty Bright Reward!
 Due March 28th   Foaled April lst about 8 am

What a night!  While Jazzy's filly was nursing and strong, and I got a little sleep from 2 until 7 am,. my companion dog, Princess, was showing signs of high blood sugar.  She's a new diabetic and we rushed up the house and got her a ride to the vet's office since I could not leave the farm. 
I returned to the barn and glanced at  Fashion who had gone to bed last night with a half full udder and no signs of labor.  I had even checked on her multiple times in her stall right next to Jazzy.  There on the ground next to her lay a newly born grulla colt with a blanket!!!  She did it all in the time it took me to care for my dog!  Oh my goodness, I jumped into action cleaning the stall, drying the colt and helping him to stand.  When he was on his feet and leaning on me, the vet called and we talked about my dog.  Talk about multi tasking... The colt was soon nursing on his own, after I syringed some colostrum into his mouth to stimulate his instinct and start that immunity growing. 
He's a handsome boy with four socks , blaze and spotted blanket!

Joker is offered for sale at $2500
Joker went home to MI with Joy

Click hereI ran back to Babe and her leopard colt who was making his first attempts at rising. The ground was slick and muddy and it takes most foals some time to rise. Could be a minute, could be an hour. I told Sarah to go on to her second job, as this was not going to be quick. I didn't want her to be late.
 to add text.So there we were in the rain, with Babe grazing and me trying to get this boy on his feet. After a dozen attempts to rise with me holding onto his tail, his front legs were dug straight in and he was sitting on my bent thighs. We were not going to go far that way. Another l0 minutes passed, and i finally eased myself out from under him and he stood on his own. I looked up the hill across two acres to the barn. Maybe three acres, but who's counting. We began to inch.. push him a little, walk the mare forward,with Babe and I talking constantly to let him know where we were. Inch by inch we were going in the right direction. Then miraculously he seemed to get the plan and began to stagger and lurch pretty consistently in the right direction! It only took 20 minutes to reach the barn. When we arrived, my son also arrived to take a picture and help us into a stall. There we began the task of nursing, which usually comes before mountain climbing.
Chase is offered for sale at $2400  Chance is at home in Scotland with Linc!

Strictly Ballroom X Nuggets Super Shado
      foaled March 16th, Solid black colt with chrome!

Tango treated me to a quick, trouble free birth.  Her foal came at about 2 am. I was snoozing and woke to him galloping about the stall,  nursing, doing it all on his own.  Lincoln is one hearty colt. He is nicely muscled and filled out already. I'll get better photos when the foaling stops for a breather!
those below are at 3 days old . Link is offered for sale at $1800  
Linc is at home in Scotland!
Skipelletta X Twilight Reemarkable
Due March 15th  Foaled March 21st
Skip was restless all night and so was I . She had wax on her udder and clearly was going to foal soon. My dog decided to mouse hunt loudly digging thru grain bags and boxes and shavings in the tack room half the night until i put her in my truck under a towel! I slept a few hours and went to the house to care for dogs, drink coffee, change to work clothes. Of COURSE when i returned this lovely buckskin filly was waiting. i was only gone one hour. This filly is by Twilight Reemarkable who has two leopard pattern genes. So you know that she carries PATN1. She may be EE homozygous for black.  She is strong. up and nursing without any help from me.  
My oldest daughter was in New Orleans recently. I think i'll call the filly Mardi Gras!
 "Mardi" will be offered for sale at $2,000
Mardi has gone home with kayla to TN!

KKKK the Dream Begins X Twilight Reemarkable
   Due March 16th     Foaled March 24th l0 am
Black bay snowcap foal!
Peaches is l8 this year and having her l2th foal for me.  Most have been colorful foals by Zeke, but this year she was bred to Markus.  Peaches' foal with Markus is guaranteed to be homozygous for black EE and has two LP genes and carries PATN1
Skips Jazzy Blue X Mighty Bright Reward
Due to foal March 24   foaled a bay filly April 1st, 1 am!
Jazzy is another senior mare at l8 years old. 
 Jazzy was dripping milk when she came in Friday night in a HURRY. I was hesitant to leave the barn as she looked as ready to foal as a mare can look. I left my husband watching the foal cam and hoped he would not doze off while i finished work at our second barn and ran up to care for the dogs. I returned by 9:30 and she was still quiet in her stall. I took a nap and woke at 12:30. Jazzy was getting more restless and circling the stall, pressing her hindquarters against the wall and lifting her back legs to touch her belly. She would circle with tail high, paw the ground and finally.. she lay down. It did not take long for her to deliver her filly with no help from me. She looked like wet brownie batter, and I toweled her dry, massaging her legs and back and neck. some specs of white began to show on her hips and back. she looked more colorful in the light of day. Quite a pretty snowflaked girl who I imagine will continue to color thru her life.
Katie is athletic and very social with the other horses and people too!
Katie is offered for sale at $2000
Doug and Katie are off to IL!
Thursday night was a quiet one in the tack room  Neither Peaches nor Mauzi were moving about much as I watched them on my foaling  monitor.   Princess, my companion Jack Russel/chi dog,  was happily hunting mice in my tack room (they love sweet feed) thru the night.  I woke up to check on Peaches and found a soft, warm, grey fuzzy offering beside me on the sleeping bag.  Princess was very proud of her catch.   Morning dawned and my husband brought coffee to revive me, and a biscuit for Princess.   Just before leaving the barn , I did a quick udder check on the mares and Peaches was dripping milk rapidly.  That got my attention, and I rushed to take care of dogs and chores up at the house and get back to the barn before she started her labor.  I fed and got most of the other horses out of the barn by 9:30 and the only signs Peaches was giving were an occasional pawing of the ground and a quick circle round the 24 foot stall.  Then.. at l0 am, she lay down and her water broke.   She began to deliver her foal.   Once I saw both feet and the nose,  I stepped in and gave her a little help by pulling the legs downward toward her own hocks.  The foal came rather easily because she has had 11 prior!  I left them alone as soon as I uncovered his nose to breath.    He rose by 10:30 and with some help, he was nursing by noon.   This colt is a near fewspot.  He has two LP genes for color and at least one PATN1 gene. He is homozygous for black. EE Aa LP/LP
He will be offered for sale at $2400  a great color producing stallion prospect. 
Rocket has gone home with Milo!

           Roselyn's Smores (click pic) 
2013 Dark bay leopard  maiden mare
due June 24th, in foal to Nuggets Super Shado
Foaled a solid black stud colt, June 15th

 Awedorably Conecked, by Awe Striker!
Nikki foaled October 6th, a filly by Nuggets Supser Shado
WF Stella Dallas, "Cleo" 
     2011 bay leopard mare in foal to Nuggets Super Shado 
                           due July 2nd  Foaled June 21st
Cleo is having her third foal for us this year.  All have been sired by Zeke.  You can see her last two leopards on her personal page. 

CLeo outdid herself!  Her new filly was born 11 days early,  details on the birth a bit later.  the filly is a bay leopard and she has the look of one homozygous for PATN1.  What a beauty!
Miss Bee is Offered for sale at  $2500
Miss Bee has gone home to Sandy in Ohio!
 Smores and Cleo had been getting ready to have their foals forever. I first noticed udder changes way back in April. If it had been just one of them, I would have worried about premature birth, twins, or placentitis. But both were doing the exact same thing, so I assumed it was the season and environment causing early change. Mares foaling in summer often do have foals early, and mares foaling in late winter, often do have foals late and show little physical change until close to foaling.

Three days ago, I decided to go ahead and put both mares in foaling stalls and check on them once per night on the foal cameras. Both had begun to lose muscle tone, with Cleo looking more ready than Smores, but her due date is a week later. At midnight I watched the mares on the cameras, and seeing no sign of agitation or labor, I then checked udders with a flashlight (again, no changes.. just 3/4 full as they had been.. no wax) and went on home to bed.

I arrived at 9 the next morning and glanced at Cleo , noting she looked really tired and deflated and ready to foal. Then looking across the barn aisle at Smores…she was not visible above the stall wall. My heart skipped a beat because I have never observed her laying down. I quickly checked and she lay upright in the middle of a clean dry stall with her placenta neatly deposited behind her in the bedding. I saw no foal. I missed another heartbeat. I entered the stall and hidden on the far side of Smores lay a dark little body very still and stretched out, clean and dry. I feared the worst, because maidens often have a difficult first labor. I stroked his body and did see light breathing, although he did not stir. Smores rose and I grabbed a syringe, milked some colostrum from her (it did look as if the udder may have been sucked on a bit) and squirted the golden liquid into the foal's mouth. Moments later, he got up, shook himself .. walked over and started nursing. I had to praise Smores repeatedly for handling it all on her own, and so neatly too!! He was perfectly fine, solid black with a big white star.

Jackson is SOLD!  and is at home with Margaret in KY
His color genetic testing is done.  He is truly solid black, but carries one copy of PATN1 (leopard)
Ee aa  lp/lp n/PATN1
add text.  

Our Appaloosa mares are getting ready to present us with our 2017 Appaloosa foal crop.  There are 11 colorful mares due to foal. This year 8 are clustered in March with two in June, and a late one in October!  The babies are sired by three different stallions. I will be working day and night to attend each birth and to give each foal the proper time and attention. Spring and summer will be spent teaching them to be gentle and well mannered for their new owners. 

  I will post each mare as her time grows near and detail her development and delivery.  The foals will be posted within a day or two of their birth.  They can be reserved until weaning time with a   33% non refundable deposit.  Click here to see our Policy on foal sales.  

 I hope you enjoy the foaling season as much as I do. 
I love sharing this experience with my visitors, especially those not lucky enough to have horses 
of their own. 

October 6th   Nikki spent the night looking out the window at the full moon, swishing her tail, and shifting her weight from one leg to another. She was breathing rapidly , but had no other signs of labor. She had been dripping milk all day. I lay watching her on camera from the tack room with my Jack Russell hunting mice between the grain bags. I dozed, she hunted, then at 3 or 4 in the morning the circling began. At 6:45 Nikki lay down and delivered a bay filly who was quick to rise even before her mother. I knelt by the filly rubbing her dry with hay, and I turned around to see my husband bearing a thermos of coffee and taking pictures. She arrived with the morning coffee.. maybe i'll call her that! She seems bright and healthy and i'll get some pics later. So far i don't see any color, but time will tell! Everything about this breeding and delivery has been slow and easy.
 Welcome to the world, Morning Coffee.

COffee is offered for sale at $1600
Coffee is Reserved for Diana!
She has a royal pedigree and a lot of halter points in her bloodlines.
Welcome to the 2017 foaling barn !