2019 Foals Arriving!
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Our Appaloosa mares are getting ready to present us with our 2019 Appaloosa foal crop.  There are 13 colorful mares due to foal. This year the foals are due in March, April, May, and June.  The babies are sired by three different stallions. I will be working day and night to attend each birth and to give each foal the proper time and attention. Spring and summer will be spent teaching them to be gentle and well mannered for their new owners. 

  I will post each mare as her time grows near and detail her development and delivery.  The foals will be posted within a day or two of their birth.  They can be reserved until weaning time with a   33% non refundable deposit.  Click here to see our full Policy on foal sales.  

 I hope you enjoy the foaling season as much as I do. 
I love sharing this experience with my visitors, especially those not lucky enough to have horses 
of their own. 

Each of the mares' photos are linked to their personal page.. just click!
Strictly Ballroom "Tango" X Mighty Bright Reward 
     due to foal, March 24th

 I noticed Tango had already begun udder enlargement the first of February.  This was 7 weeks early, and unusual for her.  She held out just long enough until March 9th, which was still l5 days early.   She had shown me wax for a full week and on Saturday morning I noticed a drop of white milk on one teat. That is usually a strong sign of impending foaling.  
I had a very bad day because I lost my best friend dog, Princess, at 5 pm.  I dragged my feet back to the barn at 11 pm and was not suprised to see that Tango was just delivering a beautiful bay near leopard colt. Life is intense here on our farm.  I can lose a dear friend and have a baby born in the same day.  
Offered for sale at $2600
Reserved for Connie
Gone to his new home!
Taylored by Moolah (TB) X Mighty Bright Reward
     Due to foal,  March l3th
Foals a bay near leopard filly, April lst

   This is TB's first foal sired by Samson, who is a bay fewspot.    
Tb gave me a real run for my money this year going 19 days past her due date!  Every night for a week, I slept in the tack room, watching her raise her tail, take a lap around the stall, look out the window for possible predators, paw the ground, roll.. and then take a long nap.  On the last night of March, It was in the 20's and my space heater was broken.  So I was getting chilly in my sleeping bag and attempted to put on my coveralls while inside the bag!   Once cosy, I dozed off, then opened my eyes to see TB FINALLY giving birth about 6:15 am.  Perfect time to get up,  help care for the filly and put on the coffee!
 offered for sale at $2800
Jetta has gone home!
Skips Jazzy Blue X Mighty Bright Reward
       Foaled 12 days late, March 27
Last evening was sunny, cool, and the mares had no reason to come to the barn just yet. But there was Jazzy standing in a corner made by my tack room which protrudes from the barn wall. She seemed to be asking to come in early. I pay attention to that sort of thing, since mares often feel the need to go to a place they think is safe to have their foal. 
I returned to the barn before midnight and watched her and TB for awhile on the camera, and they were both quietly sleeping. I got a flashlight, scared off a raccoon looking for cat food, and went into the stalls to examine udders. Jazzy had no wax, no milk, nor was she more than 80% enlarged. She showed no signs of labor, not even moving around the stall. So.. i headed back to bed for the night. 
This morning as i got out of the truck, i said a little prayer.. if there is a surprise, let it be a good surprise.
And there he was. A red roan colt with tiny spots all over peeking thru a fuzzy coat, big boned and burly.. already dry and having nursed!
Roselyn's Smores  X Twilight Reemarkable
    Foaled April 8th, one day early! 

  Smores is one of our younger mares, coming six this spring.   She is a dark bay mare bred to a homozygous black stallion, Markus.
April 8th.. I had been watching Smores for two nights and she was restless the first, but quiet the second night.  She didnt have the relaxed body of a mare about to foal, and she had no visible wax or milk.  So I turned her out with the mares for the day.  
At 8:30 pm, I went to let them all in for the night.  They were slower than usual coming to the barn.  Smores was trailing behind with this coal black filly at her side trotting nicely!
Ruby's DNA tests are back! 
she is Ee lp/lp  PATN1/PATN1
also 5 panel n/n    Ruby will be for sale early in 2020     $2,000
Earthlight Cowgirl X Nuggets Super Shado
  Due to foal April  11th Foaled April 17th

Tuesday night, I made it to the barn to foal watch by midnight.  I had Mauzi on camera because she had passed her due date, not because she was showing any serious signs of foaling. Dates matter, as do all the other little things we look for. Mauzi is a compact mare, wide , not tall, and she tends to have babies bigger than herself. She is a mare that needs some help and I intended to be there. 
Six am .. I open one eye and look at the camera. I leap to me feet because i can see her on her side pushing. I jump into my coveralls, out the door, sweep miss Peru out of my way and go in to help Mauzi. 
For the next 20 or 25 minutes she alternated laying on one side then the other and pushing. This is how she manipulates the baby's position. Each time she lay down, i would put traction on the front feet downward while she pushed. FINALLY we got past those ears and the body began to emerge. The filly and i were close friends by then since i had been talking to her head for a half hour! 
She is sired by Zeke.
This filly will be for sale.  $2800
Moonshadow has gone home!
Freckles is very friendly and outgoing 
for his age..the pocket pet type baby! I expect his spotting to become more vivid with age since he carries PATN1 (leopard pattern). He should be about l5.1 to 15.2 hands.
 He is offered for sale at $2400
Freckles is at home with Skip!
CMS Milliondollarbaby X Mighty Bright Reward
    Due to foal April 9th
Babe is a loud leopard mare but she has yet to reproduce her own color in a foal.  Maybe this year? 
She and samson could have a black, bay or chestnut foal, with leopard pattern or a fewspot   
April 16th,  after having a very quiet night,  I checked on babe at 7 am, and noted that she had arranged all manure neatly in a line along the side of her stall.  I wondered if she was keeping her stall clean in order to leave a space for foaling!
I gave it a quick clean up and headed to the house for coffee and dog care.  When I returned, there stood an elegant fewspot filly by Samson.  
Good pics soon!  she is big and beautiful
Below is just a few hours old.
offered for sale at $2500
Spirit has gone to her new home!

Hartes Sizzler Jo X Twilight Reemarkable
      Due to foal April 24   Foaled April 15

Sizzler Jo was not due to foal until April 22nd, and there are three mares overdue ahead of her! But i was watching her change. Her udder was fairly full, her body was relaxing all over.. tail bone showing. I walked out to check on her in the field yesterday afternoon, and she followed me back to the barn. I didn't let her in since it was such a nice sunny warm day. She circled outside the barn several times. That's on my list of cues.. the "let me in the barn to foal" sign of impending foaling .
At about midnight I went to her stall with a flashlight because the other mares are in foaling stalls on camera. I shined my light on her just as she lay down and there was a tiny hoof protruding and a nose. PERFECT timing to help my mare with her last foal. This baby was strong and trying to get up the minute I uncovered her nose. I was back in my cot at 2 am.
This filly is Ee aa  LP/LP PATN1/PATN1 
and 6 panel n/n
Piper has gone to her new home!
Hollywood Peanut X Twilight Reemarkable
    Due to foal April 14th
foaled April 26, 4:30 am

357 days is a long time. That's how long Holly has been growing her filly by Twilight Reemarkable. On her due date, April 14th, she was only just starting to change in body and udder and get ready for foaling So, I checked my records and she did the same thing last year. Over the last few days she has been sticking close to the barn, coming in early, and looking more and more worn out and ready to let that baby stand on her own four feet. Yesterday she came in at 4 pm, hours ahead of the other girls. By 8 pm, I was seeing her lie down on and off, and at 4:30 am, I awoke to the familiar sight of a mare starting to push . I put on my coveralls, grabbed a bale of hay, and started spreading it out all around and under her as she continued her labor. She allowed me to help her just a little, and soon a bay leopard filly was born!
River is for sale at $2800
River has gone home !
Fashion Dreamer X Mighty Bright Reward
    Due to foal, April 26

Fashion foaled a tall Grulla filly at dawn on April 30th.
I watched Fashion thru the night, circling the stall and laying down frequently.  I felt like she was in labor, but it was not moving along quickly.  As the sun rose, I decided to go get some coffee and a donut.. and get ready for this foal.  I returned to the barn, took a quick picture of a beautiful sunrise, and entered the barn in time to kneel down and help the filly into the world with a little pull while Fashion pushed.  She stood very quickly but took a bit longer to figure out the nursing thing. I milked the mare and gave her colostrum to protect her while she figured it out. 
She is a grulla with a lace blanket, dorsal stripe and socks.  
This filly is priced at $2600
Stella has gone home!
            Offered for sale at  $2500
reserved for Chasity for her breeding program
Im Flirtatious X Mighty Bright Reward
      Due, May 8th

This cross of Flirt and Samson has a lot of possibilities for base color.  The foal could be buckskin, palomino,  black,  bay, smokey black, or red .  Since Samson is fewspot, it should have some level of appaloosa coloring as well.  Let's hope for buckskin with a blanket? 
May 24th, l0 am!
Flirt had been looking as if she were in labor at about 6 am.  She was circling the stall actively and seemed agitated.  But.. at 7 am,  she decided to eat breakfast and relax 
I continued morning chores and filling water troughs,  and just as a friend arrived to pick up a filly.. Flirt decides to lay down and deliver her foal!   surprise!  
This handsome bay near leopard is offered for sale at $2600
Reserved for Leigh!
Hadar Dream X Twilight  
    Due to foal,  May 6th 
Black leopard filly born May l4th 5 am

Sage is l4 years old, and this is her second foal.  She got a late start on motherhood!   Sage is bred to Markus, and this will be his last foal. 
Monday night I went to the barn as usual to sleep in the tack room and watch the mares on a monitor from my cot. Sage was restless and circling the stall often, and slashing her tail around as mares often do approaching labor. I awoke at 2:30 am and thought she was probably going to foal, but i've been fooled before only to watch all night long for nothing. So I went back to sleep. At 4 am, Sage was not only circling and tail slashing, but examining the floor at close range as if considering lying down. This looked more serious to me, so i got up and put on my coveralls. That night it was only 44 degrees, so the coveralls had gotten chilly.. so I lay back down and covered up to get the coveralls warmed! It must have been at that point i fell into a dream where Sage delivered a bay leopard filly safely and it was up and nursing in no time. Funny thing was, it was in my house. But no matter, i opened my eyes thinking Sage was all done foaling and all was well.. and there she is on my monitor giving birth!!! I got up, coveralls nice and warm now at 5 am.. and went and helped the little leopard filly into the world. She was up and nursing in no time, but in the barn
This filly will be available at $2800
Nina is  at home with Moriah!
KK the Dream Begins X Nuggets Super Shado
  Due to foal June 7th

Peaches and Zeke were my first appaloosa mare and my first appaloosa stallion.  They are both 20 years old. 
June 4th was a hard day, with the loss of a dear old dog, and our one and only house cat in the same morning. At supper time Peaches looked good, full udder and low belly, but no sign of impending labor.
She had a few days to go.  As I was leaving the barn, I noticed she was resting and not touching her hay.  Hmmm, that's a sign not to be ignored.
I returned at midnight to check on her and she was again resting quietly.  I expressed a little milk from her udder and it was cloudy/white.   Reluctantly I decided i should stay in the barn.   
Peaches rewarded me with a quick delivery at 3 am, of a black bay near fewspot filly who was eager to rise,  healthy and strong!
This filly has two black genes and two LP genes, so she will be a l00% color producer even with solid and non appaloosa stallions. 
She is offered for sale at $2500
Ella is reserved for Gabriel!
WF Stella Dallas (Cleo) X Mighty Bright Reward
     Due to foal  June 21st

June 16/17 a colt is born!
Cleo's foaling began Sunday morning and ended Monday morning, with a lot crammed in between. Early Sunday, i was convinced she was in labor as i watched her on camera, but when the sun rose and breakfast was served.. she decided to hold off until it was dark again. I hovered close and didn't go grocery shopping, thinking she might even have an afternoon foal, but no such luck. In the evening I rushed thru work at our second barn, needing to get back to her as quickly as possible, but i lost my truck keys and had a 20 minute panic before finding them .
Back at the mare barn by 9 and again at 11, I settled into my cot and watched Cleo's restless circling and tail slashing begin again. When midnight passed and no baby, and I allowed myself a nap realizing it might be a long night. At 1 am I startled awake to a huge flash of lightening and thunder clap that seemed right on top of the barn. We lost our electric power immediately, and after checking on Cleo I drove up to the house to make sure it was NOTon fire! All was quiet (and dark) and I got a lantern and returned to the barn. Now that there was no foal cam, i set up three hay bales in the barn aisle near cleo's stall , threw my sleeping bag on it and lay back with ears open to listen for sounds of foaling I placed the lit lantern by me, to ward off raccoons looking for cat food. by 2:30 I heard the familiar sound of her flopping down and her water breaking . Just then, the night lights came on as the electricity was restored!
Cleo has always needed a little help foaling and this time was no different, but just a little shorter than usual. I was thrilled to see a beautiful black snowcap colt emerge and begin trying to rise almost immediately. I fed him a little of Cleo's colostrum and he was soon on his feet and looking to nurse. I headed back to the tack room longing for a little more sleep. My phone rang. My daughter, alone at the house, tells me that something must be burning because there is a terrible smell in the house. Alarmed, i rush back to the truck and up the hill.
Savannah and I begin a search room to room, looking for the source of the strong smell of burning plastic and metal. we felt walls, looked in crawl spaces, dismantled ceiling lamps, searched attic, garage, closets.. and no fire was visible. But we could not afford to give up. Finally i decided it was concentrated behind an upright freezer in our pantry. I inched it away from the wall, unplugged it, slithered on my belly to look at the open area of wires and motor.. but did not see fire. Still the smell was strongest there, so i turned off the breakers to the pantry and freezer. By now it was 5 am and i needed to get back to Cleo and colt! We were satisfied that the smell was less than it had been, and that the cause must have been stopped. Savannah went back to bed just before dawn. I checked on the foal and he was nursing well, and finally, FINALLY I lay down for two hours nap before a new day began.
Later, the electrician confirmed that the freezer had been damaged by the surge of electricity, and when the power came back on, it started to smoke. My house is fine, but my freezer is toast!
Offered for sale at $2800