Welcome to the 2016 foaling barn !

Our Appaloosa mares are getting ready to present us with our 2016 Appaloosa foal crop.  There are 13 colorful mares due to foal over 4 month's time . They are in foal to three different stallions.  I enjoy having the foals' births spread out over spring and summer so that I can give each one the proper time and attention to teach them to be gentle and well mannered for their new owners.   I will post each mare as her time grows near and detail her development and delivery.  The foals will be posted within a day or two of their birth.  They can be reserved until weaning time with a   33% non refundable deposit.  Click here to see our Policy on foal sales. 

I hope you enjoy the foaling season as much as I do.
I love sharing this experience with my visitors, especially those not lucky enough to have horses
of their own.

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xt.Strictly Ballroom (Tango) x Nuggets Super Shado
                   foaled 2:45 am Feb 21st.  Black leopard filly!
        CMS Milliondollarbaby  (Babe) X Dreamin Dun (Junior)
Foaled March 2nd, 12:15 am, 
a Bay fewspot stud colt!   83% FPD,  5 Panel n/n!
Skips Jazzy Blue (AQHA)   X Mighty Bright Reward (Samson)
          Foaled a red dun blanket  colt February 27th.
Hartes Sizzler Jo  X Nuggets Super Shado   
     Foaled February 20th, 2:45 am
Tango was walking about with her tail half raised for a couple of days and drifting off to the edge of the herd by herself.  I keep my eye on the girls, checking their physical condition and watching behavior daily.  I checked her udder at l0 pm and found that when milked, the color had changed from clear to white.  It was time to for me sleep in the barn.

At 3 am Tango foaled a black leopard filly who was quick to rise and slow to nurse. She was too busy running in circles round her mom!
offered for sale at $2400 
Rita is at home in Quebec
Babe held onto her colt a week beyond her due date.  Finally on march lst, she began to wax.  At 11:30 she was in labor, and by 12:l5 the baby was born.  Apollo is a tall bay fewspot stud colt.  He will make a fine stallion prospect who is homozygous for the color gene and is guaranteed to carry Babe's PATN1 (leopard pattern).  He is 5 panel negative   He's got a gentle nature and has been very people friendly so far!
Apollo should finish at l5.1 or l5.2 hands and well muscled like his sire.

Apollo is at home with Chasity in kentucky!

Palisades Appaloosas

Mitch and Lisa Estridge
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road
Lancaster, Kentucky 40444


ext.Jazzy is a quarter horse mare and l7 years old.  I was surprised when I checked her age on her registration.  She seems much  younger.  Jazzy is a powerful mare and one of our tallest at l5.3h.  Jazzy was bred to Mighty Bright Reward.  She was his first breeding of his career.

Saturday night Jazzy was dripping wax from her udder, so it was pretty clear she had plans to foal.  I arrived at l0 pm,  her water broke at l0:13, and her big dun colt was born at l0:30 !  He was a little hard to get on his feet.. those legs were going every which way.  But once up, he was a super nurser and required almost no help to get started. I just pointed him in the right direction!  I was back to my tackroom cot by 11:l5.

This is a nice big friendly colt, bald faced, blue eyed and four white stockings.  He should be between l5.l  to l5.2 hands.

Beau has gone home to Chasity in KY!
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Sizzler Jo is our senior broodmare.  She's had  many foals prior to coming to us from Alberta at age l4. This year's is her 7th foal for me.   Zeke is the sire , which has been a successful cross many times before. 
Jo was restless Saturday night, and I thought I might have two foals in one night.  But she held off until Sunday.  She'd come back to the barn at noon,  way before dinner time, asking to go back inside.  I thought that suspicious since it was relatively warm.   I decided to sleep with the mares again. Jo's due date was March lst, but she was telling me otherwise with her behavior.  
At 3:45 I awakened to her filly being born.  I arrived just about when she did at the stall.  Jo is so experienced and relaxed , it is a joy to assist her.  She munched hay while I rubbed the filly down and talked to her to begin the process of earning her trust.
She is black with four tall stockings and a bald face.
Jo's filly, Charm, is at  home in Arkasas!
Apollo at just five days old. A nice big fewspot colt on his first time outside.
Fashion Dreamer X Mighty Bright Reward
        Due to foal, March 10th   foaled March l9th, 9:30 am
Fashion really didn't have much going on as far as udders and milk goes. Half full, no wax, and her body tone was not particularly loose like a mare about to foal. But her due date had passed.. and i was checking her once per night. She was always quiet and sleeping well. I counted the days from her first udder change to her delivery LAST year and applied that to this year and came up with a prediction of March l9th. I checked on her twice last night (the l8th) but there was no sign of labor. This morning I came down at 9 am and there she lay in labor, two feet showing and working hard. Amazing.
So Fashion and I spent the next half hour with her pushing and me pulling. This boy had some big shoulders that just didn't want to fit through. I was concerned.. it was taking longer than is ideal, but every now and then the colt would thrash a little to let me know he was still alive and eager to get out. After turning from her right side to her left with no progress of head and legs.. she got up and lay down again on her right. I had no cell phone with me and was torn between leaving to get more muscle to help.. or staying by her side. I chose to stay and finally, finally, he was born.

ext.This husky DUN colt is bay based (black mane and tail)  with 4 stockings,  pale spots on hips and shoulders and back.  He tests positive for Dun and PATN1 which is leopard pattern. His frosty legs will probably turn to dark knees with socks as he sheds. He has a nice dorsal stripe down his tail!
Ee Dd n/PATN1
Sundance iS RESERVED!       $2200
Sundance has gone home to New Mexico!
Cherokee N Diamonds X Mighty Bright Reward
             Bay dun colored maiden mare, due April lst  FOALED APRIL 10th 6 am!
Peanut joined us as a two year old (pictured left) from Hidden Waters Appaloosas.  She was lean and leggy with a lovely head and neck, but not much bulk to her . I decided Samson would be a nice balance for her with his broad chest and stocky build.  
Peanut gave us a lovely black bay filly  with a white blanket 9 days after her due day.  She didn't give me any physical signs in advance , but I was there with her because she was overdue.
The labor began at 5 am, and the baby was born with my help at 6 am.  Peanut was a little surprised at this little stranger that came to live with her, since it is her first foal! She caught on quick enough, though,  and allowed the filly to nurse without a problem.    She looks almost calico, thus her barn name, Cally.

Cally has gone home to Kentucky

Sundance at 12 days old
Earthlight Cowgirl X Dreamin Dun
  Due April  11 foaled April 7th 
  Earthlight Tiara, Bay fewspot filly
Offered for sale at $2,000
Mauzi and I had one heck of a night, but we have a healthy bay fewspot filly to show for it!   She's another tall one, about 42 inches at birth, which may have contributed to the hard work that needed to be done.

Mauzi had some wax Wednesday morning, so I kept an eye on her all day.  She was restless.. and did more pacing than grazing.   By 11 pm, I was watching her from my cot in the tack room on camera.   She was circling the stall at regular intervals, tail raised.    At 1 am,  she was laying down and pushing hard , with nose and feet of the foal showing . When  I saw the size of the foal and the lack of progress she was making, I  joined her and pulled when she pushed.  
20  minutes passed before Mauzi was able to move the foal's head and shoulders into the world.  I was just sighing with relief when she leaped up,  breaking the cord prematurely.   There was quite a bit of blood spraying,  and Mauzi took to rolling on the floor, so I dragged the foal out of the way to a corner of the stall.  She finally came to rest cast against the front wall with her back feet out the door and front feet tucked under the hanging water bucket.  There she lay,  panting, for the next 30 minutes.   Meanwhile her white (and red now)  filly struggled to her feet on her own.   I would call Mauzi cast except she was not even trying to get up.  Finally I looped a rope around her back feet and pulled with all my strength and got her legs up and inside the door frame.   All this activity irritated her enough that she then pushed off the wall and got up.   But we were not home free yet.. because Mauzi then lay down in the middle of the stall and refused to get up so the colt could nurse.  Her after pains were too much for her and she just lay there.   So..I gave her a shot of banamine,  cleaned her up and brushed off the  muck and shavings and blood.   FINALLY at 3 am, she got up.    The filly was now running around the stall, but not keen on latching on to nurse.   Mauzi (thank God) had plenty of milk, so I milked her into a syringe and fed the colt when she lay down for a nap.    By now it was 3:30 am, and I went to take a nap myself.   The filly is doing fine this morining, and figured out the nursing thing,  but it took until noon for Mauzi to pass the afterbirth.  This has been a hard won  baby!     Tiara is offered for sale at $2000      Tiara has gone home to Indiana!
                       This is a very easy to get along with filly  who enjoys her "lessons".
               Check out her pedigree full of great names!
Dreamer Intriguing (River) X Nuggets Super Shado
               due to foal,  April 20th    Foaled  May 4th

May 4th:   I left River in the barn at 8:30 pm and went to the house to take care of dogs, take a shower, and the evening wrap up.   I think after my doing this for over a month, she pretty well knew she had a little break from my observation.   The mares are cagey that way!  When I returned at 10:30 pm , there sat a wet brown filly just taking in her first breaths, and River standing over her with placenta still hanging.  I JUST missed it!  No matter, i jumped in and cleaned up the stall, removing manure and spreading out a bed of hay.  Meanwhile, the filly leaped up in three tries  with no help from the cleaning lady.   Over the  next few hours I assisted her in nursing,  and also fed colostrum by syringe as she seemed to have some trouble latching on well.

She was very strong on her feet, but not as adept at sucking.   I kept this up over the next day and by the second night, she was nursing well.   She's very people friendly from the extra attention she got for a whole day and night following her birth.   She's also musical,  I found her playing the drums (pounding on a muck bucket)  when I got to the barn for feeding last night.  I believe her to be a NC bay appaloosa filly with four white stockings, and two blue eyes.   She could very well carry pattern genes from her mom and dad that simply don't show because she didn't get the LP gene.  They could show up in future babies .

I call her "Tori"  and she is offered for sale at $1800
Tori has gone home to IL!

Rewardachic X Nuggets Super Shado
                  Due to foal May 23rd    Foaled a  BAY BLANKET FILLY,
May 19th l0:30 pm
Crystal is on my "best mares" list.  She has produced wonderful intelligent and handsome foals from every sire I have bred her to.  She is mother to our junior stallion, Mighty Bright Reward,  Crystal is 19 and still going strong. 
Crystal is very good at making note of my schedule and having her foals while I drive to the school bus, feed the dogs, or this time.. take a shower.  I returned to find her filly just about to get on her feet about l0:45 in the evening . thank you Crystal for making life easy..
Lace has gone home with Charm to Arkansas!
WF Stella Dallas  X Nuggets Super Shado     due to foal May 28th!
Cleo gave us a black leopard colt, May 21st, 9:30 am

  xt.Cleo decided to begin her labor at 8 am on a saturday morning while i was feeding the horses!  How convenient!  She labored until 9 and then began to push and the work was very hard.  It is only her second foal and he was a good sized one.  I assisted her for 30 minutes and she got up often and lay back down, but she did not know to try laying down on opposite sides to free the foal.  I was getting worried about the time it was taking and called Mitch to come assist.  I needed more strength.  He arrived quickly and Cleo took a break from all labor when she saw him, but after a few minutes returned to the job .  She finally lay on her left side, and along with Mitch's help, the colt was born!  He and she were as tired a couple as i have seen.
They have recovered nicely this week and the colt is out and running.  see his video below.
This handsome black leopard
is offered for sale at $2400
Bailey has gone home to Oklahoma!
CR Hollywood Peanut (Holly) X Nuggets Super Shado
       Due to foal, June l3th!
                Holly had a black bay leopard colt 9 pm, June 8th!

June 8th:  Holly had a little wax on her udder in the night on June 7th, so I was expecting her foal soon and spent the night with her.  On the 8th I went ahead and turned her out with just one mare, but checked on her frequently thru the day.  In the evening she was last to be brought in, and she ate her grain with enthusiasm and no sign of labor.   As we left the barn, I realized there was almost no gas in my truck. I hate to start a day on empty, so I decided to go to the gas station 9 miles away. It was stil light out, being the month of the longest days.   While at the gas station I decided to buy a few instant lottery tickets,  won two dollars, got two more tickets, won a dollar and got one more ticket.  I think that gave Holly just enought time, because as soon as I got home, the sun was down and the colt was already born!  40 minutes tops!
PA Hollywood Rock has gone home with Kris in Kentucky!
Palisades Appaloosas    2016 Foaling Barn
Miss Lace is what I call "handy".  She goes from standing still to a relaxed canter without effort
when the mood strikes her.   She enjoys running and finds a reason to circle the pasture often.
She's got lovely conformation,a pretty hip and head.  She would make a nice halter mare, but will not be much bigger than l4.3 h.   She should be well muscled and stocky.  Lace has a perfect  blanket over her hips, and I do not expect much roaning in her deep bay coat.
Her Dam has held her rich chestnut color to l9 years old.
Lace is smart and pretty, and available for sale at $1800

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