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This page was last updated on: March 6, 2021
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Palisades Appaloosas

Mitch and Lisa Estridge 
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road Lancaster, Kentucky 40444

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ApHC 582231   HYPP N/N   PSSM1 N/N
1999  Blue Roan , Black Spotted, Near Leopard Appaloosa Stallion

Zeke was our original stallion and did a wonderful job for us both in color production and conformation. He produced over 110 registered foals as of 2020, 86% of them are colored!.  No foal was ever born without at least some facial or leg white , even in the absence of appaloosa pattern.  Zeke was l5 hands and 1000 pounds. He was EE aa, homozygous for the black gene and did not produce chestnut/sorrel foals.   Zeke's beautiful head, intelligence, color ,and muscular build were gifts he passed on to his foals.  
  In early 2021, Zeke slowly became crippled by arthritis and apparently acquired EPM as well.  One day when he could not rise.. we had to put him to rest.   It was a sad day that Zeke left us too early, but after a job well done.

 a few of the many foals sired by zeke.
2003 Filly
out of Bold Han Bee

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Zeke swaggering  in the summer sun , age 14
Megan, 2007 filly out of KK the Dream Begins
Journey, 2005 filly, photo by Natalia
Toby, 2006 colt out of Lane bar
Chester, 2010 colt out of AQHA mare
Carolina, 2009 filly out of Coffeecup
Dark Shado Dreamer  2012 colt out of KK the Dream Begins
two year old stallion by Zeke X Mighty Bright Lady
newly under saddle in BC, Canada
photos by Gloria Dodd,  trainer Mike Dodd
Owned by Deb Nasby

PA Shado Dancer, "Abby" 2013 filly
PA Meadow Brooke, 2015 filly
PA Silver Shado  2017 filly by zeke and Cleo