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                                                          ..Welcome to the 2014 foaling barn! 

The Appaloosa mares are getting ready to present us with our 2014 Appaloosa foal crop.  There are 10 colorful mares due to foal over 4 month's time with one late comer in August. They are in foal to four different stallions.  I enjoy having the foals' births spread out over spring and summer so that I can give each one the proper time and attention to teach them to be gentle and well mannered for their new owners.   I will post each mare as her time grows near and detail her development and delivery.  The foals will be posted within a day or two of their birth.  They can be reserved until weaning time with a 25% non refundable deposit.  Click here to see our Policy on foal sales. 
I hope you enjoy the foaling season as much as i do.
I love sharing it with my visitors, especially those not lucky enough to have horses of their own.

KK the Dream Begins X Nuggets Super Shado
                 "Merlin"  Magic Shado
  Foaled March 26th, 10:l5 pm, Black bay colt!
March 26th .By the time Peaches came in for dinner, she was showing signs of labor, shifting her weight, glancing at her sides.  That didn't stop her from eating two scoops of grain, though.
I returned to check on her at 8:30 pm and she was munching hay quietly.   But by l0:l5 pm, she was down and delivering her colt.  I bedded the stall and the colt didn't need much help to stand. I milked Peaches a little and fed him by syringe to get a little colostrum in his gut right away to begin working on his immunity.  By 1 am he was nursing well and running about the stall.
Merlin is in New Mexico with Sharon!

   Hartes Sizzler Jo X Nuggets Super Shado
   foaled a blanketed filly, March  10th
    Jo began her  delivery at about 11:30 pm . Prior to that all i was seeing was the same tail slashing and restless behavior. She just lay down and started pushing and that's the moment I knew we were in business.  It took about l5 or 20 minutes before I stepped in and gave a gentle pull to help and the filly lay quietly behind her. I uncovered the head so she could breath.
They rested for quite awhile before she decided to begin to get up.  I left her safe in her clean sack from shoulders down until that time.  As soon as she was moving, and she pulled and broke her umbilical cord, I doused the stump with chlorhexidine.  I rubbed her with hay and after a good long rest.. she just stood up!  It only took about two tries.
JuneBug is Offered for sale at $2200
Junebug is in FLorida with Melissa!
   Sure Nuff Jazzy X I'm Bud
   due March 17th
foaled a tall black snowcap filly at l:40 am    March 21st.

Jazzy foaled a big black snowcap filly much like her daddy, l:40 am on the 22nd. She stayed so close to the stall wall, that the new camera barely caught her in labor.  we're going to have to fix THAT problem!
I think we'll call her Jewel.  She is pictured below at 3 days old..
Bud's Jewel is for sale at $2200
Jewel is home in Ohio
Skips Jazzy Blue  X Nuggets Super Shado
  Delivered a black NC colt, March l2th!
Blue Shado Maximus, "Max"
          Surprise, Surprise!  Without a full udder, without and signs of labor in advance,  without me even checking on her.. Jazzy presented us with a black colt either late the 11th or early the l2th.  Woody is a big boned fella, with a nice easy lope even on his first try at it!  He is the slate color that many blacks are at birth. After he loses his baby coat, I think you will find him a nice deep black.  This colt is suitable for a stallion with fine conformation and bloodlines.  He would make a great cross witih fewspot mares like Ember and Pearl.
Max is with kathy at Hidden Waters Appaloosas in KY

Strictly Ballroom X Nuggets Super Shado
  foaled a black colt w/ blanket
      March  19th  2:30 am

Palisades Riverdance
Riley has a nice little blanket that will probably expand with roaning over the years.  He is tall and very strong on his first day.

Riley is in texas with Milana!

Palisades Appaloosas

Mitch and Lisa Estridge
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road
Lancaster, Kentucky 40444


March l9th...   Last night I rushed to the barn as soon as I had the dogs to bed and had taken a shower (silly huh? showering to sleep in the barn?)  I wanted to get a nap in before any foaling activity began.  I slept from l0 to 1 am when I noticed Tango looking uncomfortable, pacing and pawing. I suited up in my coveralls and sat down to wait for her to deliver.  I opened my eyes at 2:30 (yup, fell back to sleep) and she was foaling. I
joined her in the stall to quickly clean up and spread bedding around the newly born colt.
He was very alert and immediately began trying to get up. I stepped out for my camera and heard Tango nicker.  The colt had gotten up and run out the stall door!  Most colts fall down following their first attempt to stand.. very few run off!  This colt is very vigorous.
He was nursing by 4 am and I was back to bed for three more hours! He has a pretty blanket to go with a blaze and two stockings.
Mighty Bright Moonshine, "Junebug".
Earthlight Cowgirl X Dreamin Dun
Foaled April l6th, 11:10 pm
Before I even had a chance for a night in my bed, I went to check on Earthlight Cowgirl about 11 pm last night. Much to my surprise, with a half full udder and no other signs of impending labor.. she was down and pushing on a very big colt. I am so glad I arrived because she needed some help and was exhausted afterward. She lay still for quite awhile. The colt is healthy and was up and running in half an hour. He is a people horse for sure.
Buck is a Bay or Seal brown with a small blanket with spots on it. Buck was 42 inches at birth, so i believe he'll be l5.l to l5.2 hands at maturity.
Buck is at home with Meghan in MI!
video at l0 days old

Crystal X Hi Tech Playboy
aka Unspoken Looks
  Due April l4th. 
Bay (seal) fewspot filly born 2:30 am April l6th
It was a week ago that Crystal first showed some wax on her udder, and it took six nights to get down to the business of delivering her foal. Yesterday wax was dripping on both sides, so it looked likely that she might foal. I awakened at l:40 am to see her circling the stall calmly.  For the past week she had stood like a stone in a corner most of the night.  She continued this for most of an hour and then simply lay down. I joined her at that point and when the foal's feet were showing, I gave her a hand by pulling while she pushed.  The baby came easily, and I was struck by what a pretty head she has even soaking wet and newborn.
Ember is at home in KY with Paul!
Moons Bar Glow X Nuggets Super Shado
May 6th, 12:39 am
Moon looked no different yesterday than the last two weeks. Smallish udder, eating well, still moving well. I checked on her at 11 pm and she was sleeping soundly standing in her corner. I arrived to sleep with her at midnight. There was nothing going on. I drifted off to sleep. My husband texted me "good night". I woke up and looked at the phone,then looked at my monitor and there she is lying down with two tiny hooves protruding! Sneaky mare.. thank goodness for the text message! She must be a very strong pusher, because in the time it took to walk from tack room to stall, baby grulla girl "Sophie"  was born two weeks late!  She is homozygous for the black gene and is a non characteristic (so far) grulla. 
Sophie will be for sale at $2000
Sophie is at home with Tammy in Michigan!

Buck is negative for HYPP, PSSM1, MH, GBED and HERDA
Coffeecup HighHopes X Dreamin Dun
    Chestnut snowcap filly born
  June 5th 3:30 am
I have a very sad story to tell about the birth of Macy, Coffee's filly.  She was born at about 3:30 am and at 3:35, her dam died of internal bleeding. She stood after the the birth of her healthy tall filly, and then fell again as she bled from either an internal injury, or the rupture of her uterine
artery. It took me a few minutes to believe my eyes, that she had stopped breathing.  I had no time to mourn because there was the filly needing colostrum and care.  I milked coffee on and off for the next two hours, feeding the filly and saving colostrum in a water bottle for later.  I got about 32 oz, which I felt was probably adequate to protect the baby. I awakened Mitch at 5 am to help move Coffee from the stall.
We said our goodbyes to our good mare,and thanked her for the foals she gave to us.  The rest of the day was divided in two hour segments day and night, of feeding Macy colostrum and milk replacer.  She is a strong healthy filly about 42 inches tall at birth.  She is athletic in build like her dam.
Chapter 2, a little miracle for Macy!

A friend of mine, Greg Beasley, suggested that his mare, Kelly Kool, might take this filly under her wing (and udder) and nurse both her and her own filly.  Greg was right!   Kelly is one of those special mares that will foster a foal not her own.  So at just one day old,  Macy traveled to Greg's and is now sharing a mom with her half sister by our Dreamin Dun .  I could not be more pleased! 
Macy pictured with Kelly at 4 days old.
Macy is doing very well at the Beasley's farm with her foster mom.
Macy is Reserved!
CMS Million Dollar Baby
  X Perfect Dream   foaled July 29th l0 pm
Last, but not least..... Babe!
Appaloosa weanlings and horses for sale in kentucky
2014 foals
Perfect Dream, APHC sire at Westview Appaloosas in Canada
               5 panel tested .. all n/n
Babe got my attention when she started to develop an udder the first week of July, 7 weeks prior to her due date.  That is about 2 to 3 weeks earlier than i would expect.  As of July 29th,  her udder is full, body is relaxed and she holds her tail higher than normal.  I find it hard to believe she is going to wait three weeks to have her foal.  I am checking on her at 10 and 1 am.. but have not slept in the barn yet. 

As I was posting the statement above,  Babe was in labor. She foaled easily and quickly 23 days before her due date.  Her dark bay fewspot filly has the most beautiful head!
I think i will call her Pearl. She should be a great color producer with her genetic background and fewspot pattern.
Pearl will be offered for sale at $2,000
Pearl is homozygous for black!
Max at 6 months old