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"Carolina "
Coffecup High Hopes X Nuggets Super Shado
Carolina is a well built filly who loves to run and leap, and has shown me some sliding stops (and some crashes!).  She is blue roan based and a fewspot coat pattern which means she will be a color producer if you are looking for one.  Coffee was raised as a ranch horse on the Coffeecup Ranch and is strong and athletic in nature.  She is l5.2 hh and i think her filly will be about l5.l
and seems to have her dam's athletic inclination so far. She has her sire's pretty head and hip too!.  This is Carolina at 5 days old.      Gone home to Colorado!

Palisades Snowbird
Jessica's Miss Kitty X Drea Fires klikitat 
Blue roan fewspot colt
January 31st,  10:30 pm.
"Sierra Smoke"
Iris X Drea Fire's Klikitat 
March l6th, 8 am.
Smokey is offered for sale at $2000
Smokey is at home in GA!

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Mitch and Lisa Estridge
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road Lancaster, KY 40444

Snowbird has gone to live in TX where he will remain a stallion

Palisades Brite n Fancy,  Dun filly
Shoemakes Fancy X Dreamin Dun
foaled March 27th, 3 am
Brite has gone home to PA
Palisades Rock Shado
Wizzer Faithful Heir X Drea Fire's Klikitat
foaled a snowcap stud colt march 2lst, 12:20 am
pictured at 6 days old .
Windskipper at one month old
Skipper is at home in Montana!
Gracefully Dun,  chestnut near fewspot filly
Annie's First Lady X Dreamin Dun
foaled March 26th 3:40 am

                Palisades Rock Shado
Shado is at home in Indiana !
Brite at 6 days old
Palisades Windskipper
Rewardachic "Crystal" X Drea Fire's Klikitat
foaled a bay colt on march 6th, 7 am!

This colt is built for show ,tall,correct and proud.

Rainy Day Dream
kk the Dream Begins X Nuggets Super Shado
Peaches foaled a black bay fewspot colt with two blue eyes Midnight, April 28th, 2009

Boogie  "Beau"  Jet
Peavy Feather Belle X Boogie Bee Jet      97 % FPD eligible
This colt should be a color producer and has a great dispostion and strong Appaloosa bloodlines, including Peavy Bimbo, Navajo Britches, Toby, Apache, and Hayes Roman Cloud
offered for sale at $2200          Beau has  gone home to TN!
Rainy Day Dream is for sale at $2,000
Rainman at home in WA
pictured at 3 days old
Lane Bar., our senior mare
Treasured Dreams
Lane Bar X Dreamin Dun,  bay fewspot Filly,  foaled June 5th, 9:30 pm
Treasure has a refined version of her sire's  build , as you will see in the weeks to come. She is long legged and graceful. Her disposition is sweet and tender. Her pedigree includes Dreamfinder, Mighty Tim, Skips Reward, Sundance, and Mighty Sheik.  She has a homozygous coat pattern
with bay as her base color. She and should be a 100% color producer as a broodmare. 
Treasure has  Gone home to MD!
Grace is at home in Indiana!
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Set Me On Fire    "Diego"    Set Your Sights X Drea Fire's Klikitat
Diego is a smokey grulla stud colt with a bold black dorsal stripe, shoulder bars and a small lace blanket on his croup. He has a huge eye and pretty head and neck. His level back and long stride come from his foundation sire, Drea Fires Klikitat. His muscling comes from his Dam who is half QH. This colt is confident and curious about people and his world . Diego will appear in the 2010 APHC Calendar! Gone home to TN!
Quinsierra SmokN Blue, 2005
15.3 HH Blue roan AQHA mare  "Iris"
two weeks old
Carolina is offered for sale at $2,000

Palisades Appaloosas 2009 Foals
Dun N Faith
  2009 Palomino filly
Brothers Hope  X Dreamin Dun
regular aphc papers
This beautiful palomino weanling is owned by Greg Beasley of KY,  and is being shown in halter this season.   She has won the Bluegrass APHC futurity, the KapOA Futurity, the Hoosier Futurity, and second in the Indiana Futurity!   Faith will be offered for sale at $3,000
Contact Greg!
Vision of Dreams
Scooter is sired by Dreamin Dun , out of  Vision Made   She is owned by Pat Milne of Nova Scotia and is currently being fitted for show by Grace Caldwell, who is also the photographer.  Update..Scooter won her futurity in Canada!