2008 Appaloosa foals

Vision Made (maggie)  X Nuggets Super Shado foaled in the wee hours of February 9th.
This quiet colt will be loud in color. He is a deep blue roan and his spots are coming in black on his rump.   His breeding is very fancy with Vision Maker (Dreamfinder X Two) , Hadar Shado, Prince Plaudit, Roman's Strawman, Mighty Bright, Nugget Jim.  Both parents are HYPP N/N.
By the way.. visit Maggies page and see that she was born Chestnut and turned black!
  Wrangler will be going to Italy!


Mitch and Lisa Estridge
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road
Lancaster, Kentucky 40444
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Shoemakes Fancy  X Dreamin Dun
Dark Bay leopard filly!  Foaled March l0th, one week beyond her date at 5 AM.  Fancy is l9 and did a wonderful job with her delivery.  This is a gorgeous big spotted filly suitable for show, with a great disposition.
This Filly has Dreamfinder, and Nugget Jim for Grandfathers and Mighty Bright for a great grandfather!


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Miss Kitty X Drea Fire's Klikitat
Kitty foaled a loud tricolored leopard colt at l2:30 am  February l6th.  I was with her and expecting this one, since her udder enlarged greatly during the day yesterday.  She worked hard, as he is a tall leggy fellow, and Kitty has not had a foal for at least 8 years.  Kitty and colt are doing fine!
offered for sale for $2000
Gone to GA with Clint!
Leos Pride N Passion  X Dreamin Dun
Puncan foaled a big fewspot colt with dark head and neck.  He may be a dun, but on a fewspot the dorsal stripe does not show. Dark shading about the eyes and face lead me to think he is a dun. This colt has a great personality and a great pedigree including double Dreamfinder, the Executive, Romans Strawman, Leo, Plaudit, and Mighty Bright. He has a well muscled body,and will be a color producer.  By the way,  While Puncan is registered as Non characteristic.. she has many small spots and roaning, so she does indeed have the LP gene.  The fewspot son is the proof !
Cash will be going to Italy!
Maggies colt at  four weeks
Set Your Sites X Nuggets Super Shado
Sadies Dun filly with dark points and snowflake blanket has arrived!  She is a people lover already.
Foaled march 9th, l am.
Sophie has gone home with Judy!
Max at 8 weeks old!
Perpetualmotions  X  Dreamin Dun
This stout snowcap colt has the pretty head and friendly disposition that Dreamin Dun has been giving to his foals.He is a grandson of the APHC Hall of Fame, Dreamfinder. If you are looking for size, conformation, homozygous color and disposition in a colt, Teddy is your boy!
Teddy is Reserved For Cori!

We are also offering Mo for sale this year in foal
if you are interested in an older tried and true producer.
Mo's colt, Teddy,at two weeks old.  He's a lovable tank!

All of the ten foals have been sold.  Thanks to all the new prospective parents!
CLint,  Cori, Mike, Melinda, Mauri and Judy, Ginny, and Giuseppe!
Thanks to Tony and Elise of OH,  Ann in TX and Mike in AZ for their purchases of our yearlings, Thunder, Birch and Megan.

Annie's First Lady X Dreamin Dun
Annie has delivered a red roan fewspot FILLY, march 22nd at 6 am!  This Little lady goes back to Dreamfinder twice and Impressive Andrew.  Annie is HYPP N/N.
Both of Whisper's parents were WORLD SHOW
Qualified, and whisper will make a great halter prospect as well as color producing homozygous broodmare!   She is a very sweet and quiet filly. Thus her name.. whisper...
Whisper has gone to her new home!
Rewardachic (crystal)  X Drea Fire's Klikitat
Patrick is a Handsome bay spotted colt with a l00% foundation sire, Klikitat, and a modern Skip's Reward mare! the best of both worlds.  He was born on March l7th,
Patricks gone home with Ginny to WV!
Sires and Dams are linked to their personal pages! just Click!
Dinah day 9
Leah lost her black filly a few hours after birth ,due to great difficulty breathing.  It was a very sad event for leah and our family, both.  The initial exam on autopsy showed nothing conclusive, no abnormal lung, obstruction or obvious reason for her labored breathing.  Tissue samples and cultures returned from the diagnostic lab, and there was no evidence of disease or infection. Sadly, the reason for her death will remain a mystery.
Meanwhile,  leah made a remarkable adjustment by the next day.  Her udder  shrunk down , she stopped calling out, and  she's gone out to graze and  moved on from her loss.  She was bred to Klikitat, on the 2lst.
Wizzer Faithful Heir X Drea Fire's Klikitat
Faith delivered a black and white fewspot colt. This boy is a foundation stallion prospect with 93 percent Appaloosa bloodlines and a long line of black and whites behind him.  Faith's colt was born April 3rd. He is for sale at $2,000
RESERVED for Melinda
His new barn name is Takoda,  which is Sioux for friend to all.
OK Friday's Zanzi X Nuggets Super Shado
Zanzi is l7 now and has likely had l5 foals in her former job as a PMU mare. She is a dual registered mare with Mighty Bright and Leo (AQHA) in her pedigree. Zanzi delivered
a bay filly with spotted blanket April lst at 12:30 AM. This filly has zeke's fine bloodlines of Hadar shado, Nugget Jim, Prince Plaudit and Mighty Bright
Jamaica is reserved for Cori!
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Puncan's colt one week old!
Patricks Dam is pictured at left on the APHC promotional pamphlets. She's a cover girl!
Teddy and lisa in April
Jett's Fire Cat   2008 colt
Jessica's Miss Kitty X Drea Fire's Klikitat