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Click here to add text..Welcome to the 2012 foaling barn!  The mares have presented us with our 2012 Appaloosa foal crop.  There were 12 colorful mares to deliver over 6 months time. They were in foal to three different stallions.  I enjoy having the foals' births spread out so that I can give each one the proper time and attention to teach them to be gentle and well mannered for their new owners.   I have posted each mare as her time grew near and detailed  her development and delivery.  The foals were posted within a day or two of their birth.  They can be reserved for weaning time with a 25% deposit.  Click here to see our Policy on foal sales.   I hope you enjoyed the foaling season as much as i did!
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Too Sexy for Second (Ruby) X Dreamin Dun
              Sierra is offered for sale at $1800 
                  Sierra is at home in TN!
Strictly Ballroom  X Nuggets Super Shado  - Blue roan and white filly born March 5th

February 28th    the wee hours
The first filly of the season has arrived!
Yesterday morning, Ruby looked just as ready as she had for a couple of weeks.  Her udder was fully enlarged , but there was no wax or milk in sight.  I thought I had better check on her in the night, and at midnight I found her quietly sleeping. I went back to the house and did the same.
This morning there stood a lovely red filly, four white stockings , blaze and roan blanket.  She was alert, dry and nursing.  Ruby said.. Fooled ya!
The filly is a tall one, 41 inches at birth.

She should be a nice halter prospect with her parents show records and fine pedigrees.
Sierra at 4 months below

Please CONTACT for more information
Skips Jazzy Blue (AQHA) X Nuggets Super Shado
March 11th, Blue Roan Blanketed colt born 6:40 am!
Rolling River Blue,  "Rio" is offered for sale at $2200     RIO  (Stryder) is at home in MD with Amanda!

About 10 pm, I thought I'd check on Jazzy.  She had not seemed close to foaling at feeding time, so I did not dress for spending the night in the barn.  But as soon as I sat down on my cot and watch Jazzy on the monitor, she kicked at her belly a few times and slashed her tail.  That was my signal to settle in for the night.  It was a long night of Jazzy acting in labor for a minute then resting for two hours.  By 4 am, I was contemplating leaving and going up to my comfortable bed. Mares can have "false" labor just like women.  But I stuck it out, and at dawn she began to circle and paw and act as if she were going to lie down.  It was 6:45 when I joined Jazzy in the stall to help just a little with the delivery of this big colt.  She is normally very protective of her foals at first, but she allowed me close this time, which is a reflection of how her trust in me has grown since the first foal she had here.  The colt was standing and nursing by 9 AM.  This is a tall colt, and should finish at about l5.l or l5.2 hh.
Rio is weaned and learning well. Watch his video below at 4 months old.

KK the Dream Begins X Nuggets Super shado
  Bay colt foaled March 6th.  Stocky built, handsome , athletic and should finish at about l4.3 to l5 hands.              "Dark Shado Dreamer"
                $2200    Sold!
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Pictured at four months old
more photos on request
Palisades Starry Night , "Starla"
  Starla is at home in TN
Coffecup High Hopes X Nuggets Super Shado
  Foaled March 31st, 2 am,  lost May 12th, 10:30 pm
                              black based fewspot colt!     High Noon Shado (Cooper)
   At feeding time tonight,  everyone came in, but not Coffee’s foal.  I could see a light colored object in the green grass of the paddock below.. and it was moving.  It was raining.. not a time when a foal would stay lying down.   I was apprehensive as I approached him, fearful of what I would see. We found him wet and cold, unable to get up , but trying..and there was a path thru the grass where he had tried and scooted for 75 feet.  He began at the wire fence, which is fine mesh wire and wooden posts.  The first depression was at the base of a fence post. THe only mark on him was a big bruise over his left eye.  It was the size of a peach.  He had no cuts at all or other visible harm to his body.. He could move his front legs, head and neck well, but the back legs worked poorly.   We loaded him onto a mower deck by lifting  him in a sleeping bag.  It took four of us, me , Mitch and the twins.  The boys rode the mower up to the barn holding Cooper still  while Coffee ran in circles around the tractor calling out.   Once in the barn, we lifted  him into a stall and onto a bed of hay. I milked the mare and got l4 oz into  him over an hour by syringe.  He was able to swallow.  After calling the vet,  we gave him dexamethasone to reduce brain swelling.   He made a few more tries to rise over the next hour.  I warmed him with blankets. and then a few hours into this,  I felt him weakening and giving up.  He made one last attempt to get up, then he had a seizure and died.   Thinking back, Just that morning, I had seen Coffee kick at Peaches in the barn aisle. There were foals all around.     I could see how the colt could get  caught in crossfire between two mares,  or thrown into the fence post.   What a sad day and too short a life for Cooper.

Palisades Appaloosas

Lisa Estridge
1601 Bowman's Bottom Road
Lancaster, Kentucky 40444


  photographs are by lisa Estridge, please to not   copy without permission. thanks!
Jessica's Miss Kitty,  our senior mare at 21 years old.
Bred to Dreamin Dun, foaled April 12th
$2000  SOLD
Kitty is an amazingly strong and sure footed mare, and runs in for dinner at high speed despite huge barrel belly bouncing!    She was a trail horse for her first l5 years in Michigan. and I owned her mother, Bold Han Bee for the last 6 years of her life..
Three of Kitty's four babies here on our farm have been leopards!  This  year's tall filly is a chestnut with a handsome white blanket. I believe she is a snowcap and homozygous for the appaloosa color gene.  She is nicely conformed, tall and athletic. She is sweet and a people lover. Her training is coming along easily.
Dalia is at home with Andrea in MI!
Hartes Sizzler Jo X Nuggets Super Shado      
        April 15th, 10:30 pm  black/blue roan filly !
All day Sunday, Jo lurked around the barn.  I had to push her out to bring the spreader through, and she came right back in despite a beautiful sunny day.  In the evening, it was not long after dinner that I saw her lying down.  I bedded the stall with hay and she lay back down in the nest I had made.   The lights were still on and the whole herd was in for the night, but she began her labor at 9 pm.. no hiding this time.  She was progressing slowly and it was not until 10:30 that she began pushing in ernest. I asked her permission to help, and she allowed me to help pull the charcoal colored legs that were showing aside a nose.  Just a little
added energy got the foal sliding right on out into the hay.  I left them to themselves to rest.
Serena was in no hurry to get up. But when she did, it did not take much time.  I helped her to nurse and
I was able to lay down by 1 Am.  I checked on them thru the night and all was well.
She is a lovely filly.  Good job, Jo!    $2200  Sold
   Serena has gone home to Double A n J Ranch!
Dalia at five days old, enjoying KY spring!
Please contact for more information
Skipelletta X RHR Blue Eagle  
Bay near fewspot Filly,  foaled 5:l5 AM, April l4th.  9 days post due date
Skip and filly pictured at 5 days old!  Breeze is for sale at $2,000
Skippin Sparrow is at home in IL with Rebecca.
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On Thursday, Skipelletta did not look much differently than the previous two weeks.  Her udder was half full,  her belly was a bit lower than it had been.   But on Friday her udder was much bigger and there was one tiny spec of wax.  Looking at last year's notes.. she had one tiny spot of milk to forwarn us of her foaling. I took the change seriously and put her in a foaling stall.  Skip really didn't show much in the way of labor at all . I was watching JO!  I have a camera in both stalls .  Skips foaling was fast and without much warning.  The filly was on her feet in
l5 minutes and whinnying loudly to announcer her arrival.  Her video is day 3 exercising in the barn.  
Rocky and Rio!
dd text.Harlequin Doubledott X Dreamin Dun
On the first of May, Harley did not look ready to foal, at least not if you were checking her udder.  It was half full and no wax.. nothing compared to the more experienced mares.  But her hind quarter was very flat sided and loose in musculature. Her belly was quite low.  SO...I decided to bite the bullet and sleep in the barn watching her.  At 1 am, I found her to be deeply asleep standing up. No sign of labor or aggitation at all.  So I took a nap, sleeping soundly since there was nothing going on.  I opened my eyes at 3:45 am to see her DELIVERING a lovely filly.  Wow, that was economical.. no long drawn out warm up to foaling! And on her DUE DATE no less!  I had very little do to but clean up the stall,  dry the filly and help her to nurse.  Harley knew all the right moves.  How.. I have no idea. Her instincts were superb.  She was made for motherhood.
Cricket is at home with Vicki and Jim in TX with three other Palisades Appaloosas!
Annie's First lady X RHR Blue Eagle
Annie's first leopard filly and her first non chestnut!
foaled 11:45 pm,  May 24th
I had spent 6 nights in the barn with Annie, all very quiet since she would sleep standing up in one position most of the night. By morning her hind legs were swollen fat and stiff.  I sent her out by day to walk off that fluid.  Thursday night, when i returned about 11:30 pm,  Annie was down on the stall floor pushing. Things were pretty stirred up and she was groaning and sweating  The feet and nose of the filly were showing, but both feet were equally sticking out, which is not the best presentation. I got in and tried pulling as she pushed, but it was not helping.  Annie got up, and threw herself down in in a different spot and remarkably,  now one leg was way ahead of the other and so the shoulders could come through the pelvis.  This time when I pulled,  the baby began to move.  Since this is a life or death moment, I must have pulled very hard.  This morning my arms are sore from the effort.   This baby was so eager to get up, that when I unfolded her front legs and stretched them out in front of her,  she leaped up onto my chest without warning and we both fell down!  $2200  Reserved for Mac!
Grace will be living with her dam, Annie, and Emmie, her second filly in KY!

Moons Bar Glo  X  Blackburns Cool Breeze
AQHA Grulla mare, EE aa Dun
  Surprise surprise!  a new bride for Dreamin Dun arrived the last of April, in foal for May 28th.  She is homozygous for black, and is also a dun (Grulla). Moon is an AQHA mare.
Sonny, "Cool Blue Moon"
Moons Bar Glo X Blackburns Cool Breeze
Grulla colt , foaled May 12, 2012
Sold $2000             Sonny is at home with Kimberly in NY!

Sonny is an easy going quiet quarter horse colt.  He is stocky in build, has good conformation,
and is very sociable.  His foundation AQHA bloodlines and his homozygous black grulla coloring , make
him an around breeding and riding prospect.  His parents are l4.3 and l4.2 hands.  Sonny should finish
at about the same height.   He'd also make a good youth project horse.   Sonny was reserved
all summer, but is now available again.
Watch the 2012 Foals video

This is a video of many of the 2012 foals playing in pasture. It's long.. so let it load and go back to it!

Samson,   Mighty Bright Reward

Rewardachic "Crystal"  X Nuggets Super Shado
  Foaled a bay roan fewspot colt, July 25th 12 am
Crystal taught me another lesson.  Regardless of past patterns in foaling, a mare can do WHAT she wants WHEN she wants to.  Crystal has always given clear signs of foaling for days in advance.  Lots of wax and dripping milk. But not this time.
She had two tiny drops of wax on her udder that morning.   I had to get my glasses to see em.  But tuesday night she was restless to get back out of her stall after dinner.  She's able to open doors and she was trying her best.  I left the barn at 10 pm and returned at 12 midnight.  There he was, up and looking pretty dreadful since she seemed to have rolled him in dust while wet!  He was all brown, just brown.

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Here is a video of days 4 and 7...and another at 3 mo.   Samson is priced at $2000
Rocky is at home in Texas with his new owners!
Sonny's sire, Blackburn's Cool Breeze
Sonny late september, getting  fuzzy for winter
Samson is a beautifully built colt, with balance and muscling unusual for his age.   He is bay based and homozygous for the LP gene.  This is a formula for a great color producer (as is his daddy).  Samson is smart and independent,  spending most of his time with the older weanlings leaving his mother behind in the pasture.  He is pictured below sun bleached at 6 weeks old.
I am hesitant to sell Samson.  He is really shaping up into a nice stallion prospect.

                 2012 Foaling Barn
Palisades Appaloosas